How to use the "Calendar"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Operations > Calendar


What does it mean?

This feature, similar to 'Next Departures', allows you to check the degree of capacity utilization. You can check here any tour you offer. Further, if you click on a calendar event you can look at the passenger list. The passenger list shows you important details for your daily business it allows you to see where and when you need to pick up how many passengers, if your customer already checked in and how they paid and how much money the might still owe you. This list you can print out and hand it out to your bus driver so he knows how many people he needs to pick up at every hotel. Also if you see that your tour is fully booked you can change the bus and with that the capacity so that more people can book the tour.


What should I do?

You can check the calendar occupancy as often as required to determine if any adjustments are needed in your operation, such as changing a capacity template for a specific event or closing an event.

There is a filter to select the relevant routes for you:

You can change to the standard 'Prebookings' view by clicking on the list icon:


And you can change back to the 'Calendar' view by clicking on the calendar icon:


You can also customize the view to your preferences. Simply click on the gear icon, then choose the information you wish to display. By default, utilization, bar chart, and route image are visible.

If you navigate to the 'Occupancy level styles,' you can also define different colors for your calendar based on the occupancy levels: