How to set up a new Adyen Terminal?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Let's get started

Before a new Adyen Payment Terminal can be used, it has to be configured and assigned to your Palisis account in order to receive bookings and payments.

Some of the necessary steps have to be completed on the device itself, and some of them by the Palisis support team in the Palisis BackOffice.


What should I do?

If your device was shipped from the Palisis headquarters in Switzerland, it has already been set up and is ready to use.

In urgent cases - i.e. if one of your terminals got damaged, and a replacement has been ordered - it is directly sent to you by Adyen. In such a case, you need to conduct setup yourself.


1. Connect the terminal to a power outlet

First, connect the terminal to a power outlet. Like this, you avoid failed updates that might occur if your terminals shuts down during firmware installation.


2. Select the default app and language

On first startup of the terminal, it is crucial that you select 'English' as default language and select the default app 'Adyen'. If you mistakenly select the wrong default app, the terminal might cease working.


This is just the basic configuration of the device, which in the later steps will be adjusted to your needs.


3. Connect the terminal to Wifi

You require a stable and good internet connection to download firmware updates and configuration.

To connect the device to your WiFi, please go to Settings > Network > Passcode: Ask Palisis Support > Wi-Fi > Setup WiFi connection.


4. Update the firmware version

Go to Settings > Device Info > Software Version > Passcode: Ask Palisis Support. This will trigger the download of the latest firmware software package. The device will check for updates and ask you to install the latest firmware. This might take up to an hour.


Important: Ensure that the terminal is connected to a stable internet connection as well as connected to a power outlet. If any of these connections is interrupted, this might corrupt the device's software and the terminal might cease functioning.




5. Contact Palisis Support

Once the firmware update is through, please contact Palisis support under with the following information:


Terminal ID: 158xxxxxxxxx (on the back of the terminal under the barcode)

Installed firmware version: 1.70.4 (or any other as per the step above)

Name of the Palisis Owner Account: XXXX (see screenshot below)

Request: Please install the latest Palisis App and assign my terminal to my Adyen store





6. Configure the terminal

Once Palisis support has done their initial configuration, you will receive an email with the following instructions:

  1. Perform a config update by going to Settings > Config > Passcode: Ask Palisis Support > Factory Reset.
  2. Trigger the installation of the Palisis App by going to Settings > Apps.
  3. Start the Palisis App
  4. Grant all permissions asked by the app
  5. Click on 'Start Ticketing' for at least 5 seconds
  6. Click on the QR code icon on the bottom right
  7. Scan the QR code sent to you by Palisis support
  8. Head back to the 'Start ticketing' screen and note down the Palisis ID of the terminal (as in screenshot 3)


A5.png A6.pngA7.png



7. Finalise Setup

Your device is now visible in the Palisis BackOffice under Configuration > Device > Manage Devices.


Now, as last step, send another email to Palisis support containing the Palisis ID of the terminal.


Palisis support will finalise the setup of the credit card module from the backend and notify you once that is done. We will inform you as soon as your device is completely setup and ready to accept Credit Cards.


You may now make a test transaction to check if everything works properly.


8. Miscellaneous

German customers will need to set up the TSS (TSE). Please refer here to the following article on how to proceed or ask Palisis Support to do so.

Please refer to the article “How to use the Palisis Ticketing APP” for the manual on how to use the Palisis Ticketing APP.