How to use the Palisis Ticketing APP

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Blanca Castillo
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The following article is about the functionality and usage of the Palisis Ticketing application for Android mobile devices. The Palisis Ticketing app includes all the basic functions you already know from using the Palisis Ticketing Terminals. It enables you to make bookings, redeem vouchers, check the validity of tickets, issue cash settlements, and print tickets in case you are using an external printer.



If you want to install the Palisis Ticketing app on your mobile phone, you can download it from the Google Play Store (not in the browser) on your Android device.  

Search for “Palisis Ticketing” and install it on your device or use the following link. At the moment of installation, you are required to grant ALL permissions to the app.

Get it on Google Play





The first time you use the app you will have to link it to your Palisis account. Hold down the “Start Ticketing" button for at least 5 seconds, until you see the screen shown below, indicating that the Hardware ID and Palisis ID have not yet been set up.  

Please write to and we will happily send you a QR code that you can then scan (by clicking on the scanner symbol on the lower-right part of the screen) in order to set up your device.



Once your user has been set up, the main screen will display your account. 




1. Settings - Here you can activate the support mode (logs will be sent to us in a moment) and also "Delete Settings"

2. Additional information below the owner name.

3. UAT / Live (Live System)

4. Palisis Foreground Service Icon.


In order to get started, click on “Start Ticketing”. This will lead you to the Operator Login screen, where you will be able to log in by choosing your user and entering your PIN (pre-configured in the Backoffice). Your user will only show if it has been set up as a “sales user” in the Palisis Backoffice, User Permissions.


unnamed__1_.jpg    unnamed__2_.jpg


Once you have logged in successfully, you will be able to use the app. 




Click on the 3 dots button > STATUS WIDGET to go to the status screen, where you will find information about the owner, connection and unsent data (in case there is any), as well as the selected waypoint and event icons. The event icon functions as an on-off switch for event date selection. If you enable event date selection, you will be able to select the event date of the chosen product. If it is disabled, there won’t be any option to choose time and/or date of the product, you will only be able to book the next available event/departure.


Click on the back arrow to go back to the main screen which appears after you successfully log in and continue with the booking process. 



Keep in mind that your booking process might differ from the examples shown below. The process is dependent on your products and their configuration in the Palisis Backoffice. If you have specific questions regarding your setup, please contact



The first selection will depend on your configuration in the Backoffice.  In our example, we start with a choice of:

  • Owner: your own products
  • Partner: your partner products
  • Voucher: for redeeming vouchers



For the sake of this article, let’s choose our own product. Thus, we select “Owner” and get to the Business Unit selection next. 

Let’s say we are selling our Hop on Hop off service (neither a product nor a bundle), so we click on “Hop on Hop off” > “Transport”.

Follow the selection process according to the booking you want to issue. 






To enable the calendar feature, if it's not already activated by default, follow these steps:

- Cilck on the 3 dots button


- Then tap on the calendar icon. If you see an 'X', it indicates that the calendar is enabled, allowing you to book tickets for a specific date and time.



Or either directly click on the calendar icon located in the top right corner which indicates whether the sale with calendar feature is enabled or not.



  Sale with calendar enabled

Sale with calendar not enabled


The number of  tickets selected and their price will be shown in the bottom left corner of your screen and by clicking on it, you will be redirected to the basket screen:


If you want to change to a different currency, then click on the '$' button on the basket screen and then you can select a different currency:




Once in the basket screen, to check out, click on the printer icon at the bottom right.

In Android devices, the capacity for the products in the basket will be temporarily reserved, preventing overbooking. This is especially helpful for operations selling the same products with several devices at the same time.



On the checkout screen, you can choose from your available payment accounts before accepting a payment. Depending on your Backoffice configuration, you will also be able to modify the price or apply a discount.



It is also possible to split a payment into different payment methods. This is especially useful if the customer intends to pay one part by card and the remaining part in cash. This feature is also handy for calculating change due, in the case that there is any. 

For example, if the amount to pay is 40 Euro and we choose to pay 20 by credit card, the app will display the remaining amount on the following screen. 





If you choose to pay the remaining 3 Euro in cash and you enter the amount 5, it will calculate the change for you. 




The Palisis app allows you to save customer data through this form. This will appear on the checkout screen before making the payment.

  • Country selection from a dropdown list. The country list is searchable. For example, if you type 'United', it will only display countries that include 'United' in their name. Please, reach out to if you want to pre-define some favorite countries.
  • Passenger name
  • Passenger email
  • Passenger phone
  • Comment

You will be able to see this data on the booking screen in the backoffice.



If you would like this setting to be enabled on your devices, please write an email to and we will activate it.



If you need to scan tickets or vouchers, you can do so by clicking on the barcode icon just next to the printer icon.


You may encounter illegible QR codes/barcodes, which is why you also have the possibility to enter a barcode manually. Click on the three little dots on the top right and choose “Enter Barcode”. This allows you to enter the code manually if needed.



After scanning a valid ticket, you will see the following screen with the date and time of the event (if previously selected), the operation line, the route, the passenger category, the price plan, etc.




If your account is enabled to do so, the option to reschedule and/or check-in will be shown here.




If the passenger's first and last names have been provided, they will also appear at the bottom of the check-in screen.



On the main screen, click on Enter Barcode and activate the function “Get additional barcode information”.


When you scan a ticket, two new buttons will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. By clicking on the calendar icon, you will be able to reschedule tickets or vouchers to a new date and time. You can choose which tickets in the booking you want to reschedule.

The arrow that appears in the upper left corner allows you to return to the screen to choose the tickets you want to reschedule. It is also possible to close that screen with the close button (X). 

Now capacity is displayed for every date and also every event / time slot




After the selection is made, a confirmation message will be shown. 

By clicking on the money icon, you can refund and/or disable a ticket/voucher. Again, you can choose which tickets within the booking you want to refund or disable.



You can partially refund a ticket/voucher by entering a price in the field labeled Manual Amount. The comment is mandatory and will be visible in the Palisis back office (Operations > Tickets & Bookings).



A confirmation message will be shown once the tickets have been refunded/disabled.

Now if you have the quick refund setting enabled, just click on the button and the process will go faster.


1. Standard refund

2. One Click refund



You can click on 'ENTER BARCODE'



IF you click on 'ENTER BARCODE' or 'BOOKING SEARCH' and select the last booking, you can refund it. 




It’s important to always submit the Cash Settlement at the end of a shift. To submit, click on the three dots in the upper right part of the screen and select the option Cash Settlement. The message Submit Successful and the total amount of the settlement will pop up. Click on Logout and you will be redirected to the Start Ticketing screen. If you are using an external printer or the device's printer, the Cash Settlement will be printed out. You also have the option to reprint if needed.






If you want to display the favorite screen on this device, then click on the "FAVORITES" option:

Here you can find our support article about how to setup the favorite screen.



You can change the colors by selecting this option:



If the Theme Switch is disabled, the background color of the buttons is blue and the font color is white:

However, if the Theme switch is enabled, the background color of the buttons is white and the font color is black:

mceclip7 (2).png


You can configure an external credit card reader and/or printer on your phone to use with the Palisis app. This way you can print out tickets, receipts and cash settlements as well as take credit card payments. 

The printer settings are accessible from the Start Ticketing screen by clicking on the gear.