How to confirm a reservation

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

In Operations > Tickets & Bookings > Edit booking > Actions


Or from BoxOffice:

Bookings > Edit booking > Cancel reservation


What should I do?

You will find a 'Confirm Reservation' link within the booking details, the BoxOffice or the Android device.

From Tickets & Bookings > Booking details screen:


Then, you are redirected to the Boxoffice checkout page to add the payment:


After adding the payment, the reservation will be confirmed and the system will create a new booking with the same information (assigned UID, foreign UID, passenger data, event) except the booking ID, which will be new.


The Audit note logs the confirmation action:


From Boxoffice:

The reservation can also be confirmed directly in the BoxOffice by clicking the “Confirm reservation” button on the booking screen. 


Finally, submit the order to confirm the reservation:



From Android device:

You can redeem a reservation on your Android device, as long as it is still valid, otherwise, the device will show an error message 'Reservation is not valid anymore':


Also when you adde it to the basket:

If the passenger comes directly to the redemption point with the reservation that has not yet been confirmed and payed, you can take the payment and confirm the reservation directly from your device. 

  1. Scanning the reservation QR code

The sales user needs to press the bar code button at the bottom of the screen and then scan the QR code (1). Then the device will show the amount to be paid at the bottom left side of the screen (2). From here on, the process is the same as with a normal booking and it will lead you to the checkout screen after clicking on the printer icon (3) and selecting the method of payment (4).



  1. Entering the reservation code manually

The sales user can also enter the reservation code without scanning. Just by clicking on the three dots button on the top right side of the screen (1), then clicking on “Enter bar code” (2) and finally typing in the reference (3).




Online Confirmation

The end customer will receive an email with a payment link:

Please, visit this article to know how to add the payment link on the email.

Once they click on it, they wll be redirected to the webshop desktop checkout page to insert the credit card details and process the payment: