How to setup the reservations

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Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Account > User Management > Edit user > Special permissions



What does it mean?                           

The reservation feature provides you with the ability to create unpaid reservations that deduct the according capacity from your tour and can then be turned into a standard booking by adding a payment.

The feature has a big impact on the current performance of the system, so it will be delivered step by step in order to prevent any failure.





  • Partner items

Currently the system only allows direct Reservations (no agent / partner involved). Thus, it’s only possible to make a reservation if the sales user and all the priceplans in the basket belong to the same owner.

  • Third party integrations

Reservations are currently only sent to a third-party system when they are confirmed and contain a valid payment.

  • External references

Reservations don’t take external reference numbers in case the priceplan had one at the moment of making the reservation. The external reference is assigned once the reservation is confirmed and the new booking is created.


The 3 status of a reservation

In the back office, reservations are identified with a short reference of 3 letters (Assigned UID) and a Booking UID starting with “R”, for example:

The 3 possible status a reservation can have:


A reservation that has been made but not been paid yet. The system creates the usual booking UID and a short identifier named Assigned UID which is the reservation reference number.



Once the customer has paid, the status changes from “RESERVED [BOOKED]” to “RESERVATION_CONFIRMED [FINISHED]”. In addition to that, the system creates a new booking with a new booking UID and the status “BOOKED [BOOKED]”.


The new booking created after the confirmation is:



This is the status of a reservation that has been cancelled before having been redeemed.


What should I do?

Please, contact our Palisis support desk ( in order to activate this feature. 

Once you receive the confirmation that it has been activated for your account, an Admin user with this permission can grant it to regular users by going to Setup > User Management and selecting the “Reservations” Special permission.


The permission is only required to issue reservations. However, all users can edit, cancel and confirm reservations although they have not been granted this special permission.


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