How to set up the "Calendar" for your Products & Services

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Setup > Products & Services > Calendar


What does it mean?

'Calendar' is where you can set start and end time of your seasons and the departure times for your different tours.


What should I do?

First of all, make sure you have already created your 'Products' and 'Routes' and you have assigned at least a waypoint to your routes. Please refer to the following article if you need assistance with this.

How to set up 'Routes'?

Once it has been done, please navigate to Setup > Products & Services > Calendar and click on the '+ Add' button to create your calendar.


Afterwards, enter a name for your calendar, an optional description and specify the duration (maybe for a season or several years) selecting the start and end dates in the calendar. Then press on 'Save'.


Now you have created your calendar and next step would be to edit the timetable:


Here, you will find all your available routes with the option to edit each timetible as needed. Should you not find any of your routes here, kindly verify if you have already assigned a waypoint to it.

How to set up 'Routes'?



Now you have to add the different departures or events to your route by clickin on the '+' button:


  • Operating days

Select the operating days based on days of the week or on days of the month, depending on your needs.

By default, all the days of the week are selected:

If you only want to select weekends, then you should select only Saturdays and Sundays:

Another example, if you only want to select days 10, 15 and 28 of the month then you have to select 'Based on days of month' , insert the dates and press on enter every time.


  • Operating month

Select the operating months depending on your needs. By default, all the months are selected.

If you only wish to select certain months, for example, June, July, and August, then you should switch on the selector and choose only those months:

  • Hours and minutes

Please enter the time (hours and minutes) for departures here. 

For example, if your tour has 2 departures a day, then enter 9 and 16 for 'Hours' and 0 for 'Minutes'. Please remember to press enter after typing the figures.


Finally click on 'Save' and you will see the timetable rules for your route.

Please be aware that you can repeat the process as many times as necessary to add more rules. For instance, in the previous example, if you now wish to add a new departure at 17:30 hours at weekends, you should click on the '+' button and add the new rule.



How to cancel a departure?

If you need to cancel a certain departure for a certain date due to an incident (traffic accident, a city run, etc.), you can click on the 'Preview timetable and add exceptions' button:

Then select the date in the calendar:

Please strike through the cancelled departure or the date if all departures for the day are cancelled.


Only one departure is cancelled All the departures of the day are cancelled


If you cancel the entire day, the calendar preview will appear in white colour as follows:


If you cancel only one departure, the calendar preview will appear in light blue colour as follows: