How to setup "3rd party products"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Setup > 3rd party products


What does it mean?

This feature gives you the possibility of printing an external code from any other operator/company/ attraction on your tickets, allowing your customers to go directly to the other company using that same ticket. For instance, if you are selling a third party ticket, like a museum, you can print a barcode from the museum on your tickets. This way your customer can directly access the museum using that ticket, without the need to exchange it for another one at the entrance.

For this, the other operator/company/attraction should provide you with a file containing all the codes to be printed on your tickets.


What should I do?

First of all, you need a CSV file provided by the other operator/company/attraction with their codes. The codes must be alphanumeric, special characters are possible ([a-zA-Z0-9-:.;/_(){}\\[\\]+\\*#@<>%&=!|]+? but as for any other CSV file please abstain from using ; and ,) and should be placed in the first column (column A) without any header. Please, keep in mind the maximun lenght allowed is 255 characters and also limit the file to a maximum of 1000 codes/rows.

Once you have the CSV file, go to Setup > 3rd party produts and create a new external reference batch by clicking on the '+ Add' button:


After that, please follow the next steps:

  1. Give it a name that describes the tickets
  2. Select the corresponding Product, Price, currency, and passenger/seat category.
  3. Select the status:
    • DISABLED: you can select this status to disable this feature.

    • ENABLE_EMPTY_PROCEED: the booking will be successful even if all of the codes within the CSV have been used or the CSV is empty.

    • ENABLED_EMPTY_FAIL: the booking will fail if all the CSV codes have been used or the CSV file is empty. 
    • IVENTURE: Do not use this status, it's only for internal use of Palisis AG. 
  4. Finally, don't forget to Save 

Next, click on the recently created reference batch, upload the CSV file previously saved on your computer and click on 'Save'.


Once you have created the External reference batch, you can see how many references have been uploaded and how many are still available (that haven't been issued yet). In our example, we have uploaded 10 codes and all of them are still available.

Please, take into account that you can't remove an existing external reference batch, but you can always DISABLE changing the status. You can upload additional codes from a new CSV-File at any time. 

Finally, you need to design your ticket layout to include an "External reference", otherwise, the barcode will not print out.

You can define the type of barcode (QR code or CODE 128) and alignment of the external reference block.


How does it look in the reports?

Those bookings will show as "Direct Sales" but you can see the issued codes in the External Reference ID column.