How to "Recapture Tickets"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Operations > Recapture tickets


What does it mean?

This feature enables you to re-capture previously sold tickets. For instance, if a device malfunctions or for any other reason your sales user needs to issue hand-written tickets, they can collect all the necessary data. Later, you can still input this data into your Palisis BackOffice at the end of the day.


What should I do?

Select the sales user from the list, then the date of purchase and even the event time if you want:


Then continue with the ticket selection before adding them to the list by clicking on the '+ Add ticket to list' button.



You can repeat this process to add more tickets to the same booking.

Finally, once you have all the tickets on the list, click on the '+ Create booking' button.



You can locate the new booking created under a fresh cash settlement in 'CLOSED' status, with the sales user being the one you selected for ticket recapture.

Please, note, that the recapture tickets start with 'F':