How to configure "Customer Data"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Setup > Products & Services > Products > Edit > Customer data tab

What does it mean?

When making a booking you may request certain information from your customer, e.g. name, date of birth, contact information, etc.

In this article, we explain how to configure each 'Product' to request such information.


What should I do?

Which "Customer Data" should be visible or mandatory can be set under the 'Customer data' tab when you create or edit a 'Product'.


  • Customer data visible:

Displays the box to enter the information requested

  • Customer data mandatory:

Customer has to mandatory enter the information requested in the field. Otherwise, they cannot complete the booking.

  • Customer data none:

This customer data is not visible.


Here you will find the "Customer Data" fields that are currently available to set them as visible, mandatory or none.

    • Customer name
    • Customer E-mail
    • Customer phone
    • Customer company 
    • Customer address 1
    • Customer address 2
    • Customer zip 
    • Customer city
    • Customer state 
    • Customer country
    • Customer nationality
    • Customer passport
    • Customer language
    • Customer date of birth 
    • Customer age
    • Customer comment 
    • Customer air line 
    • Customer flight number 
    • Customer luggage
    • Customer pets
    • Consent Email 
    • Customer internal note 

Then, for this product, you can define if you want to show an external reference on your Passbook / Wallet:

  • UID: this is the Palisis booking number, which is the default value.
  • FOREIGN_UID: this is the reference provided by an external system, like TourCMS, an OTA or any other system.
  • EXTERNAL_VOUCHER: not applicable at the moment.
  • EXTERNAL_REFERENCE: this is the external voucher reference uploaded in the Palisis backoffice in Setup > 3rd party products > External Reference Batches

Please, visit the article about 'How to enable the Apple Passbook on the webshop' for more information.

Finally, you can enable the 'Passenger per ticket mandatory' feature for this Product, which means, that it is required for the customer to add information of all travellers in one booking made in the webshop and the boxoffice (excluding widgets).

Don't forget to save after a modification.



In this example, customer name and email are mandatory and customer date of birth and internal notes are visible.