How to set up "Partner Pricing"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Sales channels > Partner management > Partner Pricing

What does it mean?

First, what is a commission or a markup?

  • Commission: Is what your partner gets for selling a ticket for your company. You can either set a fixed amount or certain percentage points that he will earn from every sale.
  • Markup: You can put a markup (make tickets more expensive for resellers) on every ticket. Again you either set a fixed amount or percentage points.
  • Deposit: You need to decide with your partner where the customer should pay for the voucher/ticket. He either pays at the moment of purchase or at when he checks-in. Palisis recommends, that the customer pays at the moment of purchase because normally your drivers don’t have the time to take the money during a stop.

So this is where you determine how big your partner's commission is and if you want a markup. You can either set the pricing for each partner individually or establish different folders where you can set certain default settings.

If it is an onsite sell you also need to decide where the customers need to pay. Do you want them to give the money to your partner or do you want them to pay when they check-in.

And at last, you can choose between your previously designed voucher layouts.


What should I do?

Set the commission you and your partner negotiated. If you have multiple partners with the same conditions it may be better to establish 'Groups' and add the corresponding members (sales agents) to that group.

Further Palisis recommends that you use the same deposit strategy for every customer. Otherwise, your sales users might get confused.

How to create a new 'Group'?

Click on the '+ New pricing group' button, and enter a group name, the greater the level of detail provided, the more comprehensive the description.


Next, click on 'members' and choose the sales agents you wish to add to the group.

If you select a sales agent that is already associated with a different group, you will encounter this message. You can then decide whether to add it to the new group or retain it in the old one.


Finally, click on 'Save' and you will find the new created group at the end of the list.

You now need to click on 'Edit pricing' to specify the applicable pricing rules for the group.

In Globals you can enter the commission, markup and deposit for all the products. Please, note that for online tickets the deposit is always 0% because the end user always has to pay online to receive the tickets.

If you want to apply a different commission, markup or deposit for specific products, then go to the 'Detailed pricing (product)' tab and enter the corresponding amounts. If you don't enter any amount, the system will adopt the default conditions predefined for the group.

Go to the 'Detailed pricing (packages)' and/or the 'Details pricing (merchandise)' to define specific pricing for packages and merchandise.



Finally, choose a voucher layout to be printed when one of the sales agents associated with the group sell your products.


How to edit and existing 'Group'?

Click on 'Edit group' to modify the group name, its members, and to duplicate or delete it.



Click on 'Edit pricing' to change the applicable commission, markup and deposit to the members of the group.