How to configure VAT Numbers and VAT Rates?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Account > Taxation


What does it mean?

VAT Numbers

VAT Numbers are mandatory. In case you are no subject to tax, please at least save a placeholder. A VAT number is defined by a combination of a country and a business unit. For example, a company has two branches, a bus, and a boat branch. BUS and BOAT are the Business units and they are active in the Netherlands. Therefore a VAT number needs to be registered for each business unit/country combination, even though it might be the same number.


VAT Rates

For different services, different VAT Rates might apply. To ensure consistency the system creates the Transportation VAT rates automatically. In case you use products, accommodation or any other type of VAT, please register the VAT Rate by the according name.


VAT Rate Entries

VAT Rate Entries define the percentage of taxes you need to pay for every combination of VAT Number and VAT Rate. The system automatically creates a value of 0.0% in oder to assure data consistency. You can only add VAT Rate entries from today on and you are not allowed to change and/or add VAT Rate Entries in the past.


What should I do?

Register for each combination of business unit and country the corresponding VAT number. Please make sure that the number is entered correctly, as it will be printed on the ticket accordingly (if selected).

We have to create a VAT Number, then a VAT Rate and finally a VAT Rate Entry. For that, go to Account > Taxation > click on '+Add'. Here we need to enter a VAT number, the country and the business unit.



The VAT Number is already created. Now we need to create the VAT rates, for that, click on the ''Edit VAT rates' button


The Transport Rates are automatically created and cannot be deleted. Please register additional VAT Rates by the according name (i.e. products). For that, click on the '+Add VAT Rate' button:


Enter the name and the Fiscal standard in case of any:


The 'Fiscal standard' setting is used just in case there is any special fiscal regulation in your country. At the moment, our system is fully integrated and compliance with the fiscal regulation of the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Norway
    • NO_00_NO_VAT
    • NO_06_NOT_LIABLE
  • Sweden
    • SE_ORIGUM_1
    • SE_ORIGUM_2

For more information, please, take a look at the following articles:

Germany: Fiskaly

Norwegian blackbox


Finally, go to the 'Rate entries' tab and click on the '+' button to create the rate entries. Here you have to enter the rate, which represents the percentage of VAT applicable to a product. You also have to enter the starting date of validity to apply the VAT rate.

Now we have also cretaed the VAT rate enty, so click on 'Save' and that's all.