How to redeem a voucher on the backoffice

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Operations > Tickets & Bookings > Booking screen



What does it mean?

This article aims to explain how to redeem a voucher on the Palisis backoffice. The normal redemption process will take into consideration the passegner in the statistics. However, if the passenger did not appear to use the service, then we recommend to redeem the voucher using the "No-show" modality, please visit our support article here for more information.


What should I do?

Once you are on the booking screen, click on the booking and then 'Redeem voucher':

You will see the confirmation at the bottom of the page.


If the booking contains more than 1 ticket, then you need to redeem each one.

Once the voucher is redeemed, the original voucher status changes to 'VOUCHER_REDEEMED':


The ticket status will change to "FINISHED" and a new booking UID will be created out of it that will contain the check-in information. The passengers will be taken into account in the statistics.


You can find all the checkin details in the new booking created after the redemption: