How to use the email and PDF tokens

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Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

Tokens are generally used for personalized customer emails, they are placeholders for dynamic content. Here you can find the list of tokens you can use for your email templates and also for your PDF tickets and invoices (receipts):

  Email token PDF token Example
Owner name {{OWNER_NAME}} ${ownerName} Palisis Sightseeing
Owner contact email {{CUSTOMER_CARE_EMAIL}} ${ownerEmail}
Owner Address  



Seestrasse 25
Owner Country   ${ownerCountry} Switzerland
Owner City   ${ownerCity} Zurich
Owner logo   ${ownerLogo}
Owner phone   ${ownerPhone} +41 44 533 40 40
Terms and Conditions link   ${ownerTOCUrl}
Booking number {{BOOKING_UID}} ${bookingUID} J1CI08QT1500082NPKR8
QR booking id  


Example: <img src="${contextUrl}/bo/public/barcode.png?size=100&qrcontent=${qrBookingUID}">

Short reservation reference {{BOOKING_ASSIGNED_UID}} ${shortUID} BQU
Booking time {{BOOKING_TIME}}   01:32
City, date and hour of booking creation (City, date format MM/dd/YY hh:mm)   ${bookingCreated} Granada, 2/15/23 13:45
Number of tickets   ${entry.number} 2
Number of tickets for the same passenger category and seat category   ${itemEntry.number} 2
Amount per currency   ${entry.amountWithCurrency} EUR 40.00
Amount of tickets for the same passenger category, seat category and currency   ${itemEntry.amountWithCurrency} 2
Subtotal amount without discounts   ${subTotal} EUR 40.00
Discount amount   ${subDiscount} EUR 1.00
Total amount (subtotal + discounts)   ${total} EUR 39.00
Amount to be paid on redeem   ${entry.remainder} EUR 2.00
VAT description   ${vat.vatDescription} Including 10% VAT 123456 based on Transport EUR 3.64
Sales channel {{CHANNEL}}   Boxoffice, Webshop, etc.
Text: “Your credit card ending with **** has been successfully authorized”   ${creditCardLastDigitsMessage} Your credit card ending with 1111 has been successfully authorized.
Text: “Invoice issued electronically to passenger email on date and time of booking   ${invoiceIssuedToAtNowMessage} Invoice issued electronically to on 2/15/23 14:55
Text: “Ticket booked on date and time of booking and issued on date and time of PDF creation”. Date format MM/dd/YY hh:mm)   ${ticketBookedAndCreatedMessage} Ticket booked on 2/13/23 16:25 and issued on 2/15/23 14:55
Booking status {{BOOKING_STATUS}}   Booked, reserved, cancelled, etc.
First customer name and last name {{PASSENGER_DATA[NAME]}}


John Smith Smith
Customer email address {{PASSENGER_DATA[EMAIL]}}
Customer company  {{PASSENGER_DATA[COMPANY]}}


Customer address 














Customer phone {{PASSENGER_DATA[PHONE]}}


+41 44 533 4040
Customer nationality {{PASSENGER_DATA[NATIONALITY]}}


Customer passport number {{PASSENGER_DATA[PASSPORT]}}


Customer date of birth {{PASSENGER_DATA[DATE_OF_BIRTH]}}


Customer airline {{PASSENGER_DATA[AIRLINE]}}


Air France
Customer flight number {{PASSENGER_DATA[FLIGHT_NUMBER]}}


Customer comment {{PASSENGER_DATA[COMMENT]}}


Special needs
Customer special request {{PASSENGER_DATA[SPECIAL_REQUEST]}}




First customer name, last name and email address







John Smith Smith

Rest of customers name, last name and email address  



Customer notes {{CUSTOMER_COMMENT}} ${comment} Passenger with wheelchair
Ticket number {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.bookingEntryUid ${entry.uid} K1CQ08QT1A00008G5E20N
List of tickets number, separated by comma   ${entry.ticketUIDs} QR08QT6EBCM, QR08QT05BCN
Ticket QR code  


Example: <img src="${contextUrl}/bo/public/barcode.png?size=100&qrcontent=${entry.qrUid}">

External reference ID   ${entry.externalReferenceUID} 1384CAYA
External reference QR code  


Example: <img src="${contextUrl}/bo/public/barcode.png?size=100&qrcontent=${entry.externalReferenceUID}"/>

Operation line {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.opLineName   Hop on hop off


${entry.itemName} - route name per ticket

Hop on hop off
Route image  


Example: <img src="${entry.imageUrl}"/>

Selected event time {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.selectedEvent   09:00
Event date and time (MM/dd/YY hh:mm)  



2/17/23 09:00
Pickup point {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.pickupInfo ${entry.pickupInfo} Hotel Marriot
Priceplan {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.priceplanName ${entry.priceplanName} 24 hours ticket
Passenger category {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.passCatName   Adult
Seat category {{BOOKING_ENTRY}}.seatCatName   Standard
Passenger and seat category   ${} Adult (Standard)
Passenger and seat category per ticket   ${entry.seatsAndPassengerCategoryInfo} 1 x Adult (Standard)
Partner name {{PARTNER_NAME}  

Star travel agent


What should I do?

You can use these tokens on the email templates created in Account> Templates> Email Templates


And also on your PDF tickets and invoices templates in Account> Templates> PDF Templates:


For more information about this topic, please visit our support article about "How to configure your PDF Templates".