How to solve the Adyen connection error - Troubleshoot

Patrick Schlatter
Patrick Schlatter
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Problem description

Are you being asked to reconnect your terminal repeatedly?



What should I do?

1. Check if your terminal is connected to the Adyen server: Is there a cloud symbol visible on your terminal? 


2. If not, your terminal is not connected to the Adyen servers and therefore asks you to select another one to complete the transaction.

3. To resolve this issue, please minimize the Palisis App by clicking on the circle in your dock 


4. You will be transferred to the home screen.

5. Is the cloud symbol now showing up? If yes, reopen the Palisis App and retry the transaction.

6. If the cloud symbol is not visible, please restart the terminal by holding the On/Off button on the side of the device for a few seconds and then clicking on 'Restart'.

7. Once the terminal has restarted, do you see the cloud symbol? If yes, reopen the Palisis App and retry the transaction.

8. If not, minimize the Palisis App and then go to 'Settings' on the homescreen, enter your security key and then click on 'Config'.

9. In the config menu, click on 'Reset to factory settings and confirm. The terminal will now erase its configuration with the server and initiate a new one.

10. After a short loading sequence, the terminal will ask you to 'Select a store' 


11. Confirm that and wait for a few seconds.

12. Do you see the cloud symbol now? If yes, reopen the Palisis App and retry the transaction.

13. If not, please reach out to Palisis support ( and inform us about the steps you have taken to resolve the issue - we will then be able to assist you efficiently.