How to use e-guma payments

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

E-guma is an external company who provides gift card solution that can be used on other systems or online shops as a payment. Our system is now integrated with this solution, which means that Palisis is able to accept e-guma vouchers as a payment method for online (webshop) and onsite (device) sales and we are also able to sell e-guma vouchers charging them with a corresponding amount. 

Note: this integration is only available for the Android platform.


What should I do?

It’s worth mentioning that e-Guma payment account doesn’t appear as a global payment account in the backoffice, although once activated, it will appear as another payment method in the checkout screen of your Android devices.

To activate this functionality, please, contact our Support department by writing an email to if you want to activate this feature on your account. We would need to know the priceplan you want to sell as an e-Guma voucher.


How does it work?

The activation 

When you sell an item for one of the 'Prices' identified for this purpose, then the device will ask you for scanning an e-Guma voucher or entering the e-Guma code:


If an error occurs, then the device will display  a red background on the top of the screen and a button to “Retry” the scanning:



The redemption

You can select e-Guma as a payment account on the checkout screen and then the device will ask you to scan or enter the barcode. After that, the device will show the balance with the payment and the remaining amount in the voucher and just clicking on “Redeem” will print the voucher. You could redeem the voucher totally for the full amount or partially.


If the voucher has a balance zero, then the device will display a red background on the top of the screen and a zero balance:



It is also possible to use E-guma in your webshop. On the checkout page, enter the card number in the "promo code" field and the corresponding balance will be deducted.