How to use the "Reconciliation" report

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Reporting > Reconciliation


What does it mean?

This feature allows for the daily recording of revenue collected by each sales user. If they collect more or less revenue than expected according to the cash settlement, it will be logged for each user in the back office. This enables the Administration Department to track any outstanding debts (short) or excess revenue captured (over) by the sales user by the end of the month.


What should I do?

You need to click on the blue button from a 'CLOSED' cash management and then go to the 'Reconciliation' tab: 

The person in charge of the daily reconciliation, usually administrative staff, enters the real amount of revenue in the different payment accounts delivered by the sales user. So, in case that the real amount is different from the original one, which is the reflected amount on the cash settlement, the “DIFFERENCE” column would show the difference between both figures and it would be stored in our database.

For instance, in our example, the sales user delivers 200 € in cash instead of 210 €:


There is a “Reconciliation” report where you can check the sum of all the daily reconciliations for each sales user. It’s accessible only for backoffice admin users: 

Reports & Analysis > Reconciliation


The report is filterable by date and sales user.

To filter by date:


To filter by sales user:


So for instance, here we can see that the sales user of our example debts 10.00 € to the company as a result of today's reconciliations.


Similar to other reports, you can also export this one by clicking on the gear icon > Export: