How to set up "Online shop Globals"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Sales channels > Online shop Globals



What does it mean?

This information is displayed on every Ticket sold over BoxOffice, WebShop, or your partners.

In this section, please enter your company details for billing purposes. Additionally, you can designate a contact person to serve as the main point of contact with Palisis, and specify the billing recipient who will receive the invoices.


What should I do?

Enter the relevant information about your company: Addess, phone number, VAT number, etc.

All of this information is considered for billing purposes and is also displayed on your online ticket and voucher.


BoxOffice Ticket:

Partner BoxOffice voucher:

Webshop ticket: It appears the Globals information except the logo, which is taken from the Online-Shop (Desktop) section.


New PDF Ticket layout

1. The logo for the BoxOffice and Webshop tickets is taken from "Globals".

2. Contact details taken from the account > Contact Management.

3. Phone number, email and terms and conditiones URL are taken from "Globals".