How to use the "Partner settlement"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Operations > Partner settlement


What does it mean?

This feature allows you to draw up each account fragmented by your different partners. 

Here, you can review your partners' settlements, detailing the sales you've made for their products and the sales they've made for yours.

There are 2 different statuses for a cash settlement:

  • OPEN: It remains accessible until you've reconciled with your partner.

  • CLOSED: After the sales user shift

After reconciling with your partner and closing the sales agent cash status, the partner settlement is also closed.

Please, visit the following article to know how to close a sales agent cash status:

How to use the "Sales agent" report


Where should I do?

Here you can filter by date, partner or status.


You can also download the information in a CSV or excel file by clicking on the download button.

Next, you need to select the:

  1. Report template
  2. File format
  3. Included items, where:
    • Bookings: it's the row entry type ENTRY in the reports. It counts as a ticket. It only counts as a passenger if the ticket has been checked in.
    • Payments: it relates to partial payments, indicating that a booking is paid for in multiple instalments or using more than one payment account. For example, when a customer pays part of a booking with cash and the remainder with a credit card. The row entry type is PAYMENT.
    • Unredeemed vouchers: Vouchers that have not yet been redeemed. They are not included by default. They row entry type is VOUCHER.
    • Redeemed vouchers: Vouchers that have already been redeemed. They are not included by default. They row entry type is VOUCHER_R. As the system generates a new booking entry after the redemption, please be aware that if you select to include 'Bookings' and 'Redeemed vouchers' the figures could be confusing as the report will display 2 items (the new booking and the redeemed vouchers) for every redeemed voucher.
    • Reservations: The customer doesn’t pay for the tickets, so it doesn’t add revenue, ticket or passenger. The row entry type is RES.
    • Confirmed reservations: It's a paid reservation. The row entry type is RES_CONFIRMED.
    • Refunds: It doesn’t affect gross revenue, only deducts net revenue on the date the refund is applied. The row entry type is REFUND.
    • Cancelations: Revenue, Tickets and Passengers are deducted at the moment of cancellation. The row entry type is CANCEL.
    • Checkins: It adds a passenger. It doesn't affect revenue or number of tickets. The row entry type is CHECKIN.
    • Validations: It takes place when a ticket's QR code is scanned. It doesn't affect the revenue, number of tickets or passengers. The row entry type is CONTROL.


Finally, click on the 'Export' button to download the file.