Exploring the new features in our new Palisis Back Office

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where can I find it?

Once enabled, you will see a new link, “New design!” on the top side of the back office.

For more information about how to enable and switch to the new design, please visit our support article here.



What does it mean?

Palisis offers a new design of the back office equipped with new features and enhancements:

  • You can incorporate your company's branding into the back office. question_mark_32.png
  • Mark your most frequently used pages as favorites. question_mark_32.png
  • The ‘Map’ functionality for Waypoints is now integrated with Google Maps. question_mark_32.png
  • The back office is now responsive, ensuring you can seamlessly manage your business operations from your mobile phone.
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  • Possible to enable a dark mode to reduce eye strain in low-light environments. question_mark_32.png
  • Shortcut to a specific booking search.

When you search, the back office saves the results, allowing you to easily revisit that page whenever needed.



  • Shortcut to menu search.

Now, you can search for a menu section, and it will display all the results along with the path to navigate there.


  • You can customize your dashboard. question_mark_32.png
  • The Booking search section is also customizable. question_mark_32.png
  • The Booking detail view is customizable as well. question_mark_32.png
  • The tickets are presented in various colours within the Manifest. question_mark_32.png

Now, the checked-in tickets are indicated with a green label, while the non-checked-in tickets are marked with a yellow label.



  • The Manifest is customizable. question_mark_32.png
  • A prebooking section or 'Next departures' is also customisable and it has different views. question_mark_32.png

The Prebooking screen is customisable; you can view bookings in either a list format or a calendar view. 

Prebookings Calendar.png

Prebookings Calendar 2.png


  • New Operational Reports such as ‘Payment’, ‘Partner commission’ and ‘VAT’. question_mark_32.png


  • You can now preview the Ticket/Receipt/Voucher layout. question_mark_32.png
  • Dashboards.question_mark_32.png

You can add reporting tiles to your dashboard in order to summarise and present key information in a visually appealing format, assisting you in making informed decisions and gaining valuable insights from your data.


What should I do?

To start using our new Palisis , please review our support article here.