How to use the "Partner commission" report

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Reporting > Partner commission


What does it mean?

This report provides an overview of your earnings and your sales agents' commissions. By default, all agents are included, but you can filter by sales agent to obtain specific information for each individual.


What should I do?

To start, choose the date or time period you want to display in the report. Then, select one of the following options from the dropdown menu. By default, 'Booking Time' is preselected.

  • Booking Time: when the booking was sold.
  • Event Time: when the tour takes place.
  • Settlement Time: when the cash settlement for the booking sale was closed.

After that, you can select one or multiple partners from the list and click on 'Confirm' In our case, we have selected the partner 'Test Partner Blanca Palisis':

Finally, the system will present the figures indicating the commissions earned by the sales agent and the outstanding amount owed.