How to use the "Cash settlement"

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Where do I find it?

Operations > Cash settlement


What does it mean?

This feature allows you to draw up each account fragmented by your different sales channels and sales users. It shows you every cash settlement from every sales channel or sales user.

At the end of every day, your street sellers should make a cash settlement on their device. They will show you how much they sold and give you the money. As soon as they have done that, the status will switch from open to closed. As long as an account is closed you can still make refunds or disable tickets. If you press the “accept” button that account is final and you will not be able to make any further changes, so you need to be sure everything is accurate in that account. Before you hit the accept button, be sure the account is ready for the accounting department.

There are 3 different statuses for a cash settlement:

  • OPEN: it's open during the sales user shift 

When a sales user begins his/her shift and makes the first sale either on a device or in the box office, a new cash settlement is opened. If there was already a cash settlement opened for that user on that same device, then the sales would appear in the already opened cash settlement, not in a new one. However, if the sales user closes the cash settlement and logs in later, a new one will be opened.

Sales users can sell tickets, redeem vouchers, validate tickets, check-ins and cancellations. All of this is registered in the cash settlement.


  • CLOSED: After the sales user shift

At the end of a shift, the sales user closes and prints the cash settlement. Usually the sales user keeps a copy and gives one to the administrator. At this point, in the backoffice, the cash settlement presents the status “CLOSED”.

Your accounting staff can now reconcile the settlement and compare it with the amount of cash, credit card receipts, vouchers, etc., that the sales user provided. If mistakes or errors are found, changes can be made to an individual cash settlement in Cash Management. Please, take a look at the following articles to learn more about these topics:

How to refund a ticket

How to "Recapture Tickets"?


  • ACCEPTED: After the corrections and reconciliation.

Once your account staff has made the corrections, they can accept the cash settlement. In this status, the cash settlement cannot be modified or amended, which means that if you need to make a corrections afterwards, you need to reach out to our support team for assistance (, as it's not possble to revert back this status.

How to re-open a cash settlement


What should I do?

Palisis AG recommends you make a cash settlement with every sales user after every workday. This way you always have a clean accountancy and your accounting department will be thankful because the closing of an account will never affect two months at a time. Also, it makes it easier to look for bookings and tickets if they are separated by days.

Further, if you need to refund or want to disable a ticket, you need to know the booking number. Once you have the right booking, click on the number in the “amount” column. This will bring you to another screen with all the bookings in a given settlement. There you have the option to either disable or refund a ticket.

  • Disable: This invalidates the ticket. You can only disable tickets that have not yet been used, meaning for a tour in the future.
  • Refund: You can refund tickets here. This can be used if a customer does not want to or is unable to take you tour due to illness, for example. In contrast with “Disable”, it is possible to refund a ticket after the service is rendered, for example, if a customer was not happy with a tour.

As of now, you need to choose the sales user that is refunding the ticket. Then you can choose if the refund concerns the whole booking or just a single ticket. Remember that if you refund tickets you also need to disable them or the customer can still use the ticket. Disabled tickets and refunds will lead to the full amount disappearing in At a glance.

In the refund section, you need to choose the currency, the amount and in the comment section, you have to add a reason (comments can be really helpful for causal research, why did you have to make refunds in the first place?).

If you refund a ticket in the Palisis system, the system creates a new line in the cash settlement for the refund action.

Please, visit the following articles for more information about refunds:

How to refund a ticket

How to find a refund

If you have setup your Palisis Marketpay submerchant account, the credit card refunds are applied in the Palisis System and also in Adyen. The money will be automatically paid back to the customer.


As you can observe, there are some filters at the top of the screen to make the cash management tasks easier:

  • Sales user
  • Devices
  • Cash settlement status
  • Today/ yesterday buttons: if you click here then all the cash settlements of today / yesterday will be shown.
  • Range of dates: by default it's set to 8 days, but you can always change the selection. Please note that if you change the start date, then the end date will be automatically changed to show the same period (8 days by default). So if you want to see a longer period, you need to change both, start and end dates.