How to configure "Capacity templates"?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Account > Capacity Templates

What does it mean?

In this section, you can specify the number of seats available for sale for each vehicle. You must define the capacity of each vehicle and then assign that capacity template directly to a product or to a vehicle. For example, all your green tour buses may have a capacity of 89 standard seats. This information is important to prevent customers bookings for events that are already sold out.


What should I do?

To create a capacity template you can click on any of the highlighted buttons.

Next, enter the name, an optional description and how many passengers can sit for each seat category.


Once it's done, you need to go to the Setup > Products and select the correct capacity template from the dropdown list.


You’re also capable to define alarm levels for each capacity-template. If the pre-bookings for any given departure surpasses the entered alarm value of its capacity, automated emails are triggered to inform you and your staff of this fact. 

You can enter alert levels in general or a specific alert for each seat category.

Please take notice of three important aspects:

  • Three alarm levels can be configured:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd level. The 1st level value should always be lower than the 2nd and the 2nd should be lower than the 3rd. Each time a booking for an event is made, the capacity alarm levels are checked. Once an alarm level is reached the inherent alarm will be triggered and an email is sent. Higher alarm levels can only be set if the corresponding lower levels have been set.
  • Now if you had your 1st and maybe the 2nd alarm for a departure you might choose to change its capacity in the pre-bookings screen (Operations > Pre-bookings). This action will reset those alarms so that they can be automatically triggered again. Changing the capacity template for the Product or changing the Capacity Alarm level within the capacity template will NOT reset the alarms.
  • We gave you the capability to set those limits in total and/or specified on the seat category level. You can use just one or both at the same time. It’s completely up to you.



The recipient(s) of those emails can be entered for each Product individually (Setup > Products & Services > Products > Edit). You can inform multiple recipients by entering all their email addresses separated by a comma (,).



The email you’ll receive should look similar to this: