How to configure "Business Units"?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Account > Business Units


What does it mean?

Business Units are the different business areas operating within your company. For example: Some companies offer walking tours, bike tours and bus tours - which would then become three separate Business Units. It is mandatory that you assign an internal code for each Business Unit. The description field is optional if you want to add more details for identification.


What should I do?

You need at least one business unit in order to use the entire system, but you can create multiple ones if required. For that, click either the '+ Add' button or on the link at the bottom.


Then enter a name for your business unit, a code (mandatory) and an optional description. While not mandatory, adding further details may aid in identification.

Each business unit usually has a different VAT number, although if it's not the case, then you can use the same VAT number for multiple Business Units.

You can configure the VAT numbers going to Account > Taxation.

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