How to configure "Payment Accounts"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Account > Payments & Currencies > Payment Accounts



What does it mean?

Your payment accounts define the payment methods you accept. By default, cash is always displayed, but you have the flexibility to disable it. Credit cards are essential if you use Palisis payment terminals or have your own credit card solution. Vouchers are necessary if you operate with partnering.


What should I do?

You have to select the payment accounts you want to work with. At the initial stage, only Cash is available.


You can also create new individual payment accounts that outline other payment methods you accept next to the standard payment accounts, for instance bank transfer. For that, click either on the link at the bottom or on the '+ Add' button.

Afterwards, enter a name a printed description to be printed with the token $${paymentaccount} on the ticket and/or receipt layout if applicable and 'Save'.

The recently added individual payment account has been placed at the end of the list, but you can reorder them by dragging and dropping.