Sales Configuration

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Account > Sales Configuration


What does it mean?

Here, you can locate the global sales settings for both the webshop and box office.


What should I do?

Let's see how to configure each setting.


  • Enable Apple Passbook globally

This setting is associated with the webshop. Here you can adjust if the customer can transfer the tickets into their apple passbook. Per default it's disabled.

  • Apple Passbook exclude list

If there are certain tickets for which you do not want to enable the apple passbook you can do this here.


  • Print Payment-Account on Boxoffice-Ticket

If there is an entry on the boxoffice ticket which payment method was used.


  • PDF Labels

You can change the text for VAT and VAT content on the tickets. In Canada  VAT is called GST for example or MwSt. in Germany. 

  • Print Partner name on ticket

If you wish to print the partner name on the ticket, please select this setting. Otherwise, your company name will be printed on the PDF ticket.

  • Boxoffice Calendar Setup

Do you want the customers to be able to choose date & time, only the date/time or no date selection, etc.

  • Boxoffice Print Notes On PDF (Default Value)

If enabled, the notes are printed on the PDF ticket.

  • Boxoffice Ticket Selection with Plus and Minus buttons

By default it's disabled. If enabled, the button to select the number of passengers or tickets are like this:

  • Boxoffice Simple Date Picker Rendering

If it's enabled, it only shows the current month in the calendar.


  • Add Basket And Jump to Checkout Button

By default it's disabled, if it's enabled, there is a "Proceed" button on the booking screen to go directly to the checkout page.

  • New PDF Ticket settings

    • Show optional NEW PDF Layout (beta): if enabled, it shows the option to download the new PDF ticket.

    • Use NEW PDF Layout (beta): if enabled, the system uses the new PDF (the old one it's not an option).