How to setup scheduled emails

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Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

The scheduled emails provide you with the ability to communicate with passengers via email before, during and/or after their trip.

There are 3 types of scheduled emails, depending on the date/time that triggers the sending of the email:

  • Based on the booking date and time (Scheduled Book).
  • Based on the event date and time (Scheduled Event).
  • Based on the check-in date and time (Scheduled Check-In).

There is a configurable parameter that allows you to define the time in minutes after or before the action (booking, event or check-in) the email should be sent.


Where do I find it?

Account > Templates > Email Templates


What should I do?

Go to Account > Templates > Email Templates and click on the '+ New customer template' button.




All the communications are configurable per operation line, and it's possible to select one operation line, some of them or all of them (no selection). Additionally, it’s possible to create multiple email templates of each type, so this functionality offers you endless possibilities.

You should enter the content of the email in the body field, and you can create your own template or copy and paste the standard "Booking info" one as a template that you can customize.


After the body and template, please continue with the rest of the parameters.

  • BCC: here you can enter email addresses, comma separated and they will receive the email in BCC.
  • The dates format can be filled in according to this article. In this example, the date would be something like "Wedn 21/09/22" and the time would be something like "15:00.

EEEE dd/MM/yy

  • The "Schedule" is the number of minutes before or after the booking or event, when the email should be sent. A negative number would mean "before", and a positive number "after". So a "Schedule" of "5" and a Template Type "Scheduled Book" means that the email will be sent 5 minutes after the booking. On the other hand, a "Schedule" of "-1440" and a Template Type "Scheduled Event" means that the email will be sent 24 hours before the event. Actually, we apply the conditions for thos bookings made "24 hours + schedule" ago. For obvious reasons, it's not possible to program a scheduled email before the booking or the check-in. Please, note that it works for historial bookings, so if you enter an "Schedule" of 1 year, all the bookings made 24 hours +1 year ago will be affected and those customers will receive an email now. It's important to be very cautious with this setting. If you need help with the setup please contact us in

  • The rest of settings:



    Disabled: Yes or No. Even if it's not enabled, the system is able to send notifications to email addresses with an existing user in Palisis. This is basically a test mode to allow you to test this functionality and check your email templates in action before sending the communications to your customers.

    Advertisement: Email sent only if the advertisement consent is given

    Only Lead customer: the email is only sent to the lead customer.



  • Attachment: here you can upload a file to the email template (any extension is supported).



Here, you define the channel or channels in which to utilize the email template.

Send for Online: webshop and widget bookings

Send for Onsite: Palisis device bookings

Send for Boxoffice: Boxoffice bookings

Send for API: API bookings from TourCMS
Send for Backoffice: Backoffice bookings



Here, you can input the email template in the various languages available on your webshop.



How to configure a scheduled email before the trip?

The email can be scheduled to be sent after the booking or either before the event.


How to configure a scheduled email during the trip?

You can use the Template Type "Scheduled Check-In" to program a scheduled email to be sent during the trip a few minutes after the check-in.


How to configure a scheduled email after the trip?

You can use the Template Type "Scheduled Check-In" or either "Scheduled Event" to program a scheduled email to be sent at a certain time after the trip. It could be useful to ask your customers for feedback about their experience.


How to track the emails?

You can track your scheduled communications from the Audit of the booking, where you can find the status of the communication, and you can even resend them.

The possible status are:

  • DISABLED: The communication won’t be sent
  • SCHEDULED: The email is programmed to be sent at the configured time
  • SENT: The email has already been sent.
  • ERROR: There was an error sending the email.