How to configure "Calculated Discounts"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

The calculated discounts are discounts which you can create for a specific number of people, for example, for students or big groups.


Where do I find it?

Prices > Discounts > Calculated



What should I do?

You need to fill in all the necessary fields in the 'Basics' tab (name, code, weight trigger, discount, etc.).

It is important to enter the specific “weight trigger”. The weight trigger is related to the passenger category. For example, if you have an “Adult” passenger category with a “discount weight” of 1, this figure needs to be the same when you create the discount. If not, the discount will not work. In case you want to apply the discount up from 20 students, you need to enter 20 in the weight trigger field. This way, if there is a group of 20 students, the discount will be applied automatically. However, if there is a group of 19 students, the discount will not be applied.

Next, in the 'Dates' tab, configure the validity purchase and usage timeframes. Where 'validity purchase' refers to the timeframe during which you can book with the discount. And 'validity usage' is the valid timeframe for using a discount.

It is not necessary to create barcodes or specific codes for calculated discounts; the discount will be applied automatically once the weight trigger is surpassed at the moment of purchase.

In addition, you can activate the "Prebooking Option" to make valid the discount for a specific period of time.

In the 'restrictions' tab, you can limit the discount to apply only to specific operation lines and/or passenger categories.


Finally, in the 'Translations' tab, you can input the discount name in all the languages available on your webshop.

Don’t forget to activate the discount in the 'Basics' tab and save the changes.



Calculated discounts are applied to device, Boxoffice and webshop bookings.