How to configure "Flyer Discounts"

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Prices > Discounts> Flyer

What does it mean?

Flyer discounts are discounts which generate automatically barcodes or alias codes linked to them. This way, the flyer discount just can be applied if you use the correct barcode linked to this flyer discount.

First, you need to create the flyer discount and then a barcode linked to the discount will be generated in Prices > Barcode. Once the barcode is generated, you need to set it up.

Flyer discounts are also used as promo codes on the BoxOffice or Webshop.


What should I do?

First, you need to create the flyer discount and then a barcode linked to this discount will be generated.

You need to fill in all the necessary fields in the 'Basics' tab (name, code, validity purchase and usage dates, discount, etc.). It is important to enter the specific “weight trigger”. The weight trigger is related to the passenger category. For example, if you have an “Adult” passenger category with a “discount weight” of 1, this figure needs to be the same when you create the discount. If not, the discount will not work.


Next, in the 'Dates' tab, configure the validity purchase and usage timeframes. Where 'validity purchase' refers to the timeframe during which you can book with the discount. And 'validity usage' is the valid timeframe for using a discount.

In addition, you can activate the "Prebooking Option" to make valid the discount for a specific period of time.

In the 'restrictions' tab, you can limit the discount to apply only to specific operation lines and/or passenger categories.


Finally, in the 'Translations' tab, you can input the discount name in all the languages available on your webshop.


Don’t forget to activate the discount in the 'Basics' tab and save the changes.



Once the flyer discount is created, a barcode is generated. To set the barcode up, you need to go to Prices > Barcode > View barcodes

Now, you need to set the barcode up: How many times can you use the flyer discount? You can now decide whether you want to have a barcode which is valid one single time, limited times or unlimited times. How many pieces of the flyer discount do you want to create?

  • Valid for one time and, for example, 50 pieces: I will get 50 barcodes with an individual number. Every one of those codes can only be used one single time:

In case you lose the barcode, you can download it again and you can invalidate it when you want.

  • Limited to 2 times and 50 pieces:

  • Unlimited times, with or without alias code:

Without alias:

Do not enter any 'Alias' and click on the 'Create without alias' button

With alias (promo code):

In order to generate a code with an alias, essentially a promo code, you need to select “unlimited times” and the number of pieces must be 1.




You can also have 100 codes which you want to create with QRcode. In order to do that, you need to download the file again, take one of those codes, go to the QRcode generator and you will see this page: 




Click on 2Dcodes, then click on QRcode and put in the code.



Once the flyer discount and the barcode are configured, you will be able to use the flyer discount on your platforms: website, device and boxoffice.

  • Website: barcode or alias code





  • Devices:

Just with barcode by scanning the QR code (previously you need to create a QR code with the barcode)

First, choose the ticket, go to the basket, click on the QR icon and scan your flyer discount.


The device will recognize the discount, then click on 'OK'.

The discount is applied:


Finally, click on the payment method and that's all.  

  • Boxoffice: alias or barcode





How does it look like in the reports?

You can see the discount applied to every ticket in the booking detail view in Operations > Tours & Tickets > Click on the booking. As an example, this is a discount applied on the Boxoffice:

In the Data export report or in the At a glance exportation, you can see the discount applied under the columns "Discount Name" and "Discount".