How to redeem a Go City card

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

Go City Card ( is an activity destination pass that operates in different destinations along the world offering a list of activities included in a city card. Every card has an expiration date depending on the card type (1 Day, 2 Days, 5 Days, etc.).

Palisis devices are able to scan the QR code of the destination passes, recognize them as a voucher from the partner "GoCity [API]" and add into the basket the corresponding priceplan depending on the card type scanned (Adult, Child or familiarisation). 

Example of voucher:



Please, look at this video for more information about how the Go City card works:

At the moment of this article, there are 2 different type or card passes:

  • Explorer
  • All Inclusive

And 3 different variants (passenger types):

  • Adult
  • Child
  • Familiarisation (which is like a VIP pass that Go City uses for PR and marketing purposes. They are not family passes. Each pass would just admit one person).


What should I do?

The sales user should scan the QR code on the electronic or paper voucher and print the corresponding ticket on the device. The process should be as follows:

1. Click on the QR code icon and scan of pass (QR code)

2. The device sends the request to Go City API in order to validate the voucher.

3. If it's valid, then the device shows a green screen with a "Valid" message and the name of the "GoCity [API]" partner, and then the mapped priceplan is automatically added to the basket. Finally, if the deposit has been configured correctly with a 100%, when the sale user clicks on the printer, the device will print the ticket without asking for any payment.



4. If the voucher is not valid or on subsequent scans of the same pass, the device will show the error returned by the Go City API and a red screen:

mceclip3.png  mceclip4.png

5. In case of a "Valid" result, the ticket will be automatically added to the basket.


6. Finally, click on the printer to issue the ticket.


Or here: