ELO Multi-Component Terminal - Inicial setup

Gregor Materschläger
Gregor Materschläger
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First of all, thank you for  your trust and congratulations on your new Self Service Terminal.

Please follow the steps below to put it into operation.


What's inside


Inside the parcel of your new ELO Multi-Component self service terminal you will find 5 components, which together form your terminal. Those are:

  1. 1x ELO Touchscreen Monitor
  2. 1x Payment Terminal Verifone V400c Plus
  3. 1x Star Micronics Printer
  4. 1x Gryphon Handgun Scanner
  5. 1x Fellowes Monitor Stand

What should I do 

Please follow the steps below to put it into operation. 

Important: While doing so, make sure to connect those components to each other, which are labelled the same number. That is, all labelled “1” come together, all labelled “2” come together, etc.

  1. Fix the Fellowes Monitor Stand to your desk
  2. Mount the ELO Touchscreen Monitor onto the Monitor Stand.
  3. Plug the Gryphon Handgun Scanner into the USB port on the backside of the Touchscreen Monitor.
  4. Connect the ELO Touchscreen Monitor to a power outlet and start it up.
  5. Connect the Star Micronics Printer to a power outlet and start it up.
  6. Connect the Payment Terminal (Verifone V400c Plus) to a power outlet - it will automatically start itself up.

Now that you have positioned all components the way you want to use them, and powered everything up, we can proceed with making a test transaction.

Please open the Palisis App on the ELO Touchscreen Monitor and log into the app.

Proceed with making a sale. As all components have been pre-setup and tested at our warehouse, all components should already work together: When making a credit card sale, the payment terminal should open the payment interface automatically, and on successful payment, the printer should already print your ticket.


If you encounter any issues during setup, please contact our support team on support@palisis.com.