Release notes - September 2022

Gregor Materschläger
Gregor Materschläger
  • Updated


  • Uncritical card holder data on the Booking screen

More information regarding the payment details for credit card payments is now displayed in the booking details section including:

  • Issuer name
  • Issuer country
  • Card Number
  • Card Type
  • Card Holder
  • Redeem & checkin from Booking screen

Allows check-ins tickets from the backoffice. The check ins will now show as passengers in the Palisis reports

Please find more information about the booking details screen here.


  • Get your Guide pricing through API

A major improvement to the Get your Guide API integration which now allows you to sync prices from TourCMS directly with Get your Guide.

This setting needs to be configured internally from our side. If you are interested please do not hesitate to write to and we will be glad to do the setup for you.


  • Supplier_notes added to the Datesndeals response

Supplier notes now are included in the dates and deals API call.

Details about the datsendeals API call can be found here.


  • New Viator mapping type

MAP_SUPPLIER_OC_TO_SUPPLIER_PLUS_TIME now gives you the ability to map products with several start times per day with different supplier notes (multiple start times per date):

Everything about Viator mapping can be found here.


  • Better feedback on password reset

Improved feedback on required password format during the process.

If you need help to reset your password click here.


  • WordPress plugin improvements for hotels and freesale

All you need to get your Wordpress plugin up and running is here.


  • Download user list

It is now possible to download a list of all users in your TourCMS account.

Find out how it is done here.


  • Reject enquiry forms with invalid email address

A valid email address is now mandatory for an enquiry to be sent.


  • Year over year report extended over 2019


  • Possibility to edit Quotations