How to use the Booking Screen

Susana Moleón Moya
Susana Moleón Moya
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In this article we will explain all the information you can get from the booking screen. First of all we will need a booking ID which can be done via Boxoffice, Webshop or device. In this case, we will use a booking from the Webshop as an example.

What can I see on the booking screen?

From the Operations tab look for the ID:


and the following screen will open: 


Starting from the left-hand column:


1. Status: what status the booking is in. It can be: 

  • Booked: Check-in has not yet been done
  • Finished: Booking that has been checked-in.
  • Disabled/Canceled: Booking that has been canceled. 

2. Booking UID: is the booking ID itself, which is generated automatically. 

3. Foreign UID: reference 3rd party booking ID (OTA’s) or subsystem reference connected to TourCMS.

4. Timestamp: date and time at which the booking was made.

5. Tickets: number of tickets in the booking

6. Revenue.

7. Earnings: total sales price

8. Sales users.

9. Waypoint.

10. Booking platform: Sales channel where the booking has been made (Webshop, Boxoffice or device).

Next, you will see the payments for the booking: 



1. Account: How the booking has been paid. It will depend on what you have configured in your payment accounts. 

2. Amount: total price of the booking

3. Status: it will tell us the current status of the payment. 

4. Issuer name: Company that issued the CC

5. Issuer country. 

6. Card number

7. Card type: type of card used for payment.

8. Card holder: name of the card holder. 

9. Notes:  Palisis allows you to add notes. 

10. Name: customer’s name.

11. E-mail: customer’s email address

12. Telephone: customer’s telephone number

13. Comment: If you add a note, it will appear as a comment. 

14. Edit customer data: you can modify the customer data if necessary.