How to setup the Footer Link (Imprint / Impressum)

Lourdes Uggeri
Lourdes Uggeri
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What does it mean?

This feature allows you to display a link to the imprint page on the footer of your desktop webshop. Please, note that it's only available for desktop webshops at the moment, it's not available for widgets.


Where can I find it?

The "Footer Link" to the "Imprint" is to be entered here (html is permitted):

- Configuration

- Sales channels

- Online-Shop (Desktop)

- Select the webshop and select the 2 dots to get to the settings

- Under the menu item "Branding and Social" you will find the setting to insert the "Footer Link":




What should I do?

Here you have to select the language "English or German".


Note: The Footer link matches the language, otherwise the "Imprint / Impressum" will not appear.
In the webshop it looks like this: