Release notes - April 2022

Gregor Materschläger
Gregor Materschläger
  • Updated


  • Update to Fiskaly v2 for German customers

During the next few weeks we will roll out the new version of Fiskaly (v2) for customers located in Germany which will be accompanied with a new APP version.

The main differences from v1 are:

  • Only one TSS is needed per organization
  • One client ID is assigned to every device
  • A PIN code per device for any change in the TSS setting

Please find more information about Fisklay integration here.


  • Copy function for priceplans

New feature that allows you to duplicate priceplans to save you time with your setups and avoid errors.

Please find more information on how to configure a priceplan here.


  • GoCity Card integration

We now have an API integration for GoCity Card.

Please contact us at if you are interested in using it.


  • Launch of Palisis APP version 4.51.7

During the next few weeks we will roll out the new version (4.51.7) of the Palisis Ticketing APP for Android devices in several waves.


Our support team will contact you to guide you through the procedure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you want to be one of the first to get it.


Besides some bug fixing the main new features are:

  • Adyen Payment terminal is assigned automatically
  • New popup informing the user that the device is disconnected from Adyen and the possibility to “Retry” to reconnect or “Select other terminal”
  • Fiskaly offline signing in case of a TSS outage
  • Fiskaly v2 compatibility
  • Improvements in the reschedule function
    • Display capacity on reschedule Event/DateTime selection 
    • Display accumulated capacity on date buttons

Please find detailed instructions for the Palisis Ticketing APP in these two articles:

A guide to proper use of Adyen devices

How to use the Palisis Ticketing APP


  • Agent signups and logins on beta

After the facelift for the tour operators and suppliers backend, the agent backend now also shines in a new light.

Login to find out!


  • Bing Ads UET Revenue Tracking

Bing Ads UET allows you to track users.

If you wish to record the revenue on the cart complete page please continue reading here.


  • Facebook pixel manual integration

Interested in learning more about measuring the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website?

Then find out how to integrate the Facebook pixel here.


  • TrustMyTravel version updated to 3.6.1 on GrayLine licensees webs

Now running on v3.6.1

New logo is displayed