Release notes - February 2022

Gregor Materschläger
Gregor Materschläger
  • Updated


  • Google places

TourCMS now supports Google places for the waypoints of your tours, with a new and user friendly interface.

You can find it in the “Geocodes” section within the “Description & Images” tab of each tour.
Read more about this new feature here.

To get the Google places/Geocode info through the API please refer to the “Show Tour” API call here.

The call will return the new tag <google_places_id> as in this example:


  • Markups page

Tour status is now visible and can be updated on the Markups page.
For further information please continue reading here.

  • Expedia: Age category allocation

Expedia integration now takes a best guess at the ages of customers on bookings, since Expedia doesn’t supply this information through their API.

  • Failed login email

As a new security feature, TourCMS now will send an email to the user after a failed login attempt. After 5 failed attempts in a row the user account will be blocked.



  • Passenger data form (Palisis App)

The Palisis Android ticketing APP now allows to collect passenger personal data (name, email, etc.) on all devices.

To see how it works please continue reading here

  • Cash drawer for Sunmi T2 Mini

Our SunmiT2 Mini POS devices now support a fully integrated optional cash drawer.
Please contact or if you are interested.

  • Check valid session for switched users

Before, if you had different Palisis accounts, when opening a second browser tab to log into a different account the original session in the first tab was not valid anymore.

This has been fixed now and you will be prompted the new active account: