Release notes - September 2021

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Inclusion of CODE_128 barcodes on standard voucher

Where subsystems instruct TourCMS that they would like EAN 128 barcodes, the standard voucher now respects that. For more information about vouchers and redemption you can visit our support article here.

  • A third custom field has been added to the “tour_search” API response

The “Tour Search” API response now includes a third custom field (<custom 3>), previously it only returned two custom fields. Please visit the official API documentation here.

  • Improvement in the integration with Trust My Travel

We have improved our integration with the payment solution Trust My Travel, especially in case of various customers without names. For more information about our integration with Trust My Trave, please visit the support article here.



  • Improved layout on webshop calendar

There is a new setting in the online-shop configuration to set up a low or high contrast calendar. For more information about how to set up your webshop, please visit our article about this topic here.

  • Add QR image to new Reservation layout

We have added a QR code on the top side of the new reservation layout. Please, visit our support article here to read more about the new ticket layout.

  • Replace payment Logos at the checkout page

We have replaced the credit card logos at the checkout pages on the webshops with the new updated design.

  • Improvements in the new ticket layout 

We have improved our new PDF ticket layout to show the correct company details and all the passengers’ information. You can read more about our new ticket layout here.

  • Improvement in the booking process on Boxoffice 

The booking process has been improved in order to show the real capacity of the operation line at any time. You can find here our article about how to use the Boxoffice.

  • Improvement in the Cash Settlement detailed view

The cash settlement detailed view has been improved to show the correct number of tickets in different situations. Here you can find our article about “Cash Management”.