Release notes - August 2021

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • [Extend GYG integration] Respect Subsystem barcode format

With this extension, TourCMS is able to pass the barcode in code 128 format to Get Your Guide. It’s useful when you are using the inline booking notification webhook and your subsystem only uses that barcode format.

For more information, please visit here our article about the inline booking notification webhook.



  • Add Bancontact Mobile payment

Bancontact is one of the most popular payment methods in Belgium. We have enabled Palisis to accept this kind of payment for our Belgian customers. And now we have also added the Mobile mode.

Please, contact our Support department by writing to to activate this feature.


  • TourCMS upstream multi-account

With the TourCMS upstream integration bookings made in Palisis can check availability and send booking details and redemptions to your TourCMS backoffice. We have recently improved this feature to enable customers with multiple Palisis and/or TourCMS accounts to apply the upstream to multiple alternative TourCMS channels. Please, find more information here in our article about this topic.


  • Close TourCMS departure when TimeTable Exception is created

This is an improvement in the capacity synchronization between Palisis and TourCMS. Now, when you create an exception in the Palisis timetable, the corresponding TourCMS departure is closed. Please, visit our article here to learn more about how Palisis updates the capacity in TourCMS.