Release notes - June 2021

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • WordPress plugin improvements

We have deployed the WordPress plugin version 1.4.1, which implements some improvements like the new toggle for the beta hosted booking engine, the standard WordPress tags and the capability to work with the latest version of PHP, which is PHP8. We invite you to read our extensive support article about the WordPress plugin here.


  • GYG integration improvements
    • Return tour cutoff information to GYG in availability API

When GYG checks availability for a specific tour, we now return the cutoff information for every departure in the case of multiple departures per day or per tour in case of ‘opening hours’ tours. 

    • Implement GYG "reservationExpiration" in /reserve/ endpoint

We now return the temporary booking expiration time to GYG. By default, we hold them for at least 45 minutes, but as GYG requests at least 60 minutes (and in the case of inline webhooks, the subsystems could even hold them for less time) we have now added the booking expiration time in the API response.


GYG sometimes tries to make bookings for more participants than the allowed people per booking, according to the tour settings. Now, we inform GYG about the minimum and maximum booking sizes.

Please, read here our article about the Get Your Guide mapping to know more about this topic.


  • Bug fixing - Speed up the “Customer” page in backoffice

We have implemented some improvements in our code to speed up the “Customer” page in both our Live and Beta environments.




  • Block old Android apps

We do not support old versions of the Android Palisis App. There is a new parameter in the database which contains the current allowed oldest version of the app. If the version installed on the device is lower than the minimum version allowed, then an error is returned, which forces the user to update the app to the latest version.

Here you will find our article about the Palisis Ticketing app.

  • Adyen improvements

We continue improving our integration with Adyen by adding more security measures:

    • Request ZIP code when the credit card has been issued in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.
    • More information is shown to end customers when a payment error occurs.
    • Additional billing address field in the credit card form for verification purposes, in case the first attempted 3D Secure payment failed.


  • Option to disable the menu button on the webshops mobile view

There is a new setting for the desktop webshop within the “Layout and Color” section to disable the menu button for mobile view.

For more information about this topic, please, visit our support article about opening your first webshop here.


  • Improvements to rescheduling and pre-bookings features

    • Now it’s possible to reschedule a booking for a new date far in the future
    • In Pre-bookings, if there are no events within the next year, then the page shows a message ”There are no events for this route”.

For more information about this topic please visit our support article about Pre-bookings here.


  • Automatic process to anonymize passengers data (GDPR)

In order to facilitate our customers to be compliant with the GDPR law, we have implemented a functionality to automatically anonymize passengers data according to a new parameter setup in the backoffice. 

We invite you to read our support article about this topic here to know more about this interesting feature.