How to set up the Norwegian Cash Register Fiscal Standard

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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The Norwegian Cash Register Blackbox is a service provided by Palisis in cooperation with an external entity in order to be fiscally compliant with the Taxation Laws in Norway.


Requirements for setup

Please, contact to set up a Norwegian cash register blackbox.



Your device should be on the following version or above. Please, check the version on the main “Start Ticketing” screen and contact if you need a version upgrade.

Adyen device: 4.51.19

Pidion: 4.33.13


Changes in backoffice

Some processes are no longer allowed for an owner with blackbox:

  • Delete bookings
  • Cancel from the Backoffice
  • Refund from the Backoffice within a cash settlement


Apart from that, these owners can’t use the Boxoffice.


Regarding Backoffice configuration:

  • The VAT rate has to be set with the corresponding blackbox. For example, in the case of the Norwegian blackbox, it would start with “NO_XX_YYYYY” (Configuration > Business data > VAT rates). Tax information from bookings with this VAT rate will be sent to the blackbox server.



  • Each Operation Line should have a blackbox VAT rate, otherwise, it won’t be possible to make bookings. Also, make sure the priceplans have a blackbox VAT rate.



Events like log in, log out, closing a cash settlement (which are found as type Z reports), intermediate cash settlements (which are found as type X reports) or printing a receipt are considered events to be included in the journal report. 



To download the journal report, go to  and use your username and password for access. If you still don’t have your credentials, please contact

Once you have logged in you can request a journal report for a specified time range. The date format is dd/MM/AAA.