How to create a priceplan upgrade

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

The priceplan upgrade feature allows device and POS sales users to upgrade customer tickets during a check-in or validation scan. The customer’s original ticket is cancelled, and time already spent on the original ticket will be deducted from the upgrade ticket (e.g if a customer upgrades from 24hr > 48hr after 23 hours touring the city, the upgraded ticket will have 25 hours remaining). The feature allows you to configure the upgrade price per passenger and seat category.

In order to create a priceplan upgrade, you need to go to Operation >Transportation >Priceplans. As an example, we will create a 48h Hop on Hop off upgrade for our 24h Hop on Hop off tour.

First, create a new priceplan from the original priceplan you want to make the upgrade from. We will name this one “Upgrade to 48h”.

Then set up the new upgrade priceplan, it is very important to choose the original priceplan that will be eligible for an upgrade as shown in the image below.

When setting up the price, you will set the price as the difference that the customer must pay to upgrade the ticket. That is, if a 24h HoHo is 24 EUR for adults and a 48h HoHo is 32 EUR, this upgraded priceplan will be of 8 EUR for adults as the customer will pay the price difference between these tickets for the upgrade.



At the time of scanning the original ticket barcode on the device, the sales user will be able to click on "Upgrade" , then choose the new upgrade priceplan and a new ticket will be issued.


When you make an upgrade of a ticket, a new ticket number will be issued, so you will have 2 different ticket numbers in Operation, but it won't create another passenger, only a new ticket for reporting purposes. This new ticket will show the name of the priceplan upgrade, which is “Upgrade to 48h” in our example.