How to use the "Data export" report

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where can I find it?

Reports & Analysis > Data export


What does it mean?

The 'Data Export' section is quite similar to the 'At a Glance'. You can download reports created in this section as well as the ones created in 'At a Glance'.


Moreover, you can create and save a report that can be stored either in 'My Reports' or in 'Public Reports'. In order to do so, select the filters needed and click on 'Save Report'. Assign a name, and click on 'Public within Company' if you would like to create a public report.



Then go to Reports & Analysis > Configuration > Public Reports and configure the schedule options of your report. 

Please note that this is the main difference between 'At a glance' and 'Data Export': only reports generated in 'Data Export' can be scheduled.



For more information about "Public Reports" and how to schedule them, please visit our article about this topic.
If you don’t click the option 'Public within company' when saving the report in Data Export, you will find it in Reports & Analysis > Configuration > My Reports. You can make it public later by clicking on the option 'Is Public Report'.



You also have the option to open or update existing reports. Click on 'Open Reports' at the bottom of the screen, then modify the filters applied and/or the report template. If you want to create a new report with these settings, choose 'Save as new'. Otherwise, choose 'Save' to update the existing report.