How to redeem a no-show voucher?

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?

Operation > Search Tickets > Booking screen


What does it mean?

This article aims to explain the 'No-show' functionality in Palisis. This can be applied in case the booked customer decides not to take the tour or he/she does not show up on the day of the tour. Bear in mind that this can be only be applied to bookings made by partners.


What should I do?

Once you are on the booking screen:



Click on 'Redeem voucher (No-Show)'. If the booking contains more than there is more than 1 passenger,  voucher, you need to redeem each one.



Once the voucher is redeemed, the ticket status will change to finished and a new booking UID will be created out of it that will contain the check-in information.



In the Report section, the No-show redemption will be reflected as following:

Taking our booking as an example, the number of booked tickets is 1 while the passenger count is 0.

Now, let’s see how this functionality works when a commission or deposit is set up for a specific sales agent in Palisis.

For more information about where and how to configure these settings, please consult this article.

In case the deposit is higher than the agent’s commission, nothing will change; the commission will be deducted from the deposit as usual. This will be reflected in Cash Management when you click on the corresponding ticket:



In this case, we set up a deposit of 4€ and a commission of 2€. Once the voucher has been redeemed as a 'No-show', the commission of 2€ has been deducted from the deposit of 4€. This is the only revenue we have made with this booking since the customer did not show. After the deduction, the total of our earnings is 2€. 

Another way to check the final balance and, therefore, know whether a partner owes you money or vice versa, go to Partnering > Sales agents > Cash status > select the corresponding agent and click on the two dots next to the agent name:



In case the commission is higher than the deposit and we redeem the voucher as No-show, the sales agent’s commission will be reduced to the same amount as the deposit. 


In this example, we set up a commission of 3€ whereas the deposit is set to 2€. The customer paid a deposit of 2€ but has not shown up. After the redemption, the commission has been reduced to 2€ which makes a revenue of 2€ but no earnings as the agent keeps the commission. 



Hence, the final balance is 0, as can be seen in the Cash status: