Release notes - December 2020

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Get Your Guide Real Time Updates Optimisation

Whitelist to inform the tours that are actually connected to GYG, not all of the tours in the channel. We have developed a job to automatically maintain the GetYourGuide whitelist every 30 minutes. And some API endpoints to maintain the whitelists. These endpoints are only available for Google and GetYourGuide at the moment of this release:

  • View whitelist
  • Add to whitelist
  • Remove from whitelist

For more information, please visit our related article here.

  • Extension of the Spreedly API endpoints

Extension of the Spreedly API to support payments in installments.

Please, take a look at the API endpoint documentation for more information.


  • New format for refunds in Cash Management

We have updated how refunds are displayed on the Cash Management page. Previously, refunds were shown as a separate line in the Cash Management overview; from now on they will be part of the corresponding cash settlement itself, even if the original cash settlement has already been closed.

For more information, please visit our article about “Where to find a refund”.

  • Changes in “Cash status” when a booking is redeemed as No show

This change reduces the sales agent commission in the Cash status report to the same amount of the deposit when the booking had been redeemed as a “No show”. It only applies to the sales agents whose commission is higher than the deposit.

For more information, please visit our articles about “What is Cash Status?” and "How to redeem a no-show voucher?"

  • Editing existing reports

Now it’s possible to modify an existing saved report view. When you open a report from the “At a glance”, the “Data export” or the “Monthly report”, now you can change something (f.e. the selected filters, the report template, time range, etc.) and save it as a new report or update the existing one.

For more information, please visit our articles about the “At a Glance” and the “Data export” reports. 

  • New external vouchers type D4

This new type of external vouchers allows you to identify the sales agent who physically presented it at the moment of scanning and issuing the bookings. 

For more information, please visit our article about “External vouchers”.

  • Additional settings for the CSV report templates

We have added three new settings in the creation of a new CSV report template, where you can define the CSV delimiter character, the type of CSV quotes (quotes, single quotes or none) and if the headers are included or not. It allows CSV reports to be accurate to the integration with other systems.

For more information, please visit our article about “Report Templates”.

  • Links in the backoffice to the related support article

Every question mark icon in the backoffice redirects to the corresponding article in our support knowledge base.