Release notes - November 2020

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
  • Updated


  • Real time availability push for Get Your Guide

This new feature updates the availability in the Get Your Guide extranet when there is any change in the free spaces including a closed and open departure within the next 90 days. So, it will significantly reduce the availability errors with Get Your Guide.

For more information, please visit our article about Get Your Guide mapping.

  • Extension of the "Create Payment" API method to store the tokenized payment details.

From now on, it's also possible to store the tokenized credit card details at the moment of creating the payment via API. It will allow your web developers to add this functionality on your website to store this tokenized information and show it to your customers in the next purchases.

For more information, please see our API documentation.

  • New API endpoint Update Agent.

Until now it was only possible to update a travel agent information on the backoffice by going to Homepage > Travel Agent Manager > Setup. However, this new endpoint allows you to update this information also via API.

For more information, please see our API documentation.

  • New “percentage of sale value” type for Booking fees.

This new option applies a percentage of the sale value as a booking fee. You can find it in Homepage > Channel Manager > Sale prices, deposits & booking fees

If you want to learn how to apply a booking fee, please visit our article about how to create a channel, where you can find more information about this.

  • Extension of the "Start New Booking" API method to return the booking fee

There is a new <booking_fee> XML node returned in the "Start New Booking" response, which also includes the new type "percentage of sale value" mentioned above.

For more information, please see our API documentation

  • Fix character encoding issues in Booking Summary report

With this fix, the booking summary report now shows the correct characters ö, ü and ä.




  • Ticket Gateway API integration

Integration with the "Ticket Gateway" system to sell and accept their products. The "VisitBerlin" platform uses this system, so now with this integration, our customers will be able to sell products included in the "VisitBerlin" portfolio and also to redeem "VisitBerlin" vouchers into your own product. This integration can be also applicable when they expand to other cities.

  • Booking notes added in Boxoffice and shown in Pre-bookings

This new feature allows you and your sales agent to add internal notes for a booking in the Boxoffice. Those internal notes will be visible in the passenger list which is accessible going to Operation > Pre-bookings and selecting the corresponding route and event.

Please, visit our support articles about Internal notes for more information. 

  • Integration with E-Guma

Now our system accepts e-guma vouchers as a payment account. And it's also possible to sell and activate e-guma vouchers with a certain amount. This is an integration exclusively implemented for the Android platform.