How to add pick-up points exceptions

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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In this article we explain how to close or block a pick-up point for a certain event. 

What does it mean?

Just as you can close an event due to special circumstances, you can now also close a pick-up point from an existing pick-up route.

This functionality allows your operation to react in a timely manner to certain special situations where a pick-up point can’t be served - for instance, in case of road closures due to a special event or roadworks. It allows you to reflect the real situation for your customers at the time of booking. If a pick-up point is not operative for a certain period, then your customer will not be able to select that pick-up point during that period.

On the other hand, if the pick-up point is always inoperative during a fixed period of time, then you can take a look at our article about how to set a blackout period.


Where do I find it?

You can find the pickup points in 2 different places:

Configuration > Transportation > Timetable


Operation > Pick-ups


How does it work?

You can manage the pick-up point exceptions from two different places:

1 - At the Configuration level.

There is a dropdown list with the assigned pick-up points under Configuration > Transportation > Timetable. Click the button with two points and then open the route timetable preview. Here you can select one of the pickup points to create an exception.



In our example, we select the “Hotel” pick-up point and add an exception for Sunday morning as there is a street market and the buses can’t access the pick-up point. We just need to click on the corresponding event and time to confirm the action.



As a result of this, the pick-up point will not be listed as an available pick-up location when a customer books for these dates and times. Below you can see that the “Hotel” pick-up point is not listed:



2 - At the Operation level

In case some members of staff only have access to the Operation section, it’s also possible to manage the pick-up point exceptions from Operation > Pick-ups. In this section it is not possible to create new timetables or edit existing ones, it is only possible to close/open event or pick-up times.