How to use the Palisis Home Screen

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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Where do I find it?



What does it mean?



The Palisis Home Screen is the first screen you see when you enter the *BackOffice*. This dashboard offers an overview of how your company is performing today and updates in real-time. 

The bar chart displays key figures per hour, including Gross Revenue, Revenue (= Gross Revenue - Commission - External Costs), the number of tickets issued and the number of checked-in passengers. Please, note that unredeemed vouchers are not included here. In case you want to include them in the reports, then you need to go to Reports & Analysis > At a glance and tick the “Unredeemed vouchers” option. You can find more information about this topic here.

In the top right corner you will find various account options. Starting from the top right corner: "Logout", "Account Switch", "Owner Contact Management", "Your Name", "Boxoffice", "Support" and "Time zone". All these points will be discussed later.

Below the bar chart, on the left-hand side, you will see a list of ‘revenue by sales users’ for open cash settlements. Select the employee name to view the settlement(s). In the centre is a list of upcoming timetabled events, with the event date and time, route name and utilisation. For capacity-managed events you will also see a horizontal bar indicating the degree of utilisation (green - many free spaces,  amber - moderately full, red - close to capacity/at capacity). Select an event to view the corresponding passenger manifest. On the right hand side is a list of the latest sales. Select a sale to view the booking details. 

The menu items in the top panel allow you to switch between different system sections (“Home”, “Configuration”, “Operation”, "Cash Management”, “Partnering” and “Reports & Analysis”).




1. Time

Here you can set your individual timezone.

2. Support

This button directs to our support desk where you will find hundreds of searchable support articles on every aspect of the system. You can also submit a request to our support team here. 

3. Boxoffice

Here you can switch to the Palisis BoxOffice.

4. Your name

As a normal user, you have the possibility to set your personal password. As an admin, you can also decide if you wish to be visible for other companies using Palisis (per default your company is not visible).



5. Contact Information

Here your admin can change the company contact information. There are three sub-menus: Contact-Management, Contract-Management and Billing.

  • Contact-Management: Here you should fill in contact details for your company - address, contact person (system-related), and billing person.   Here you need to insert all the details about where your corporation is located. The Palisis System will send out a notification when the bill is available. This reminder is sent out to the mail address which is added here.



  • Contract-Management: Here you will find details regarding your contract with Palisis (number of devices, fixed prices and prices per transaction). This is available for each system module. 


  • Billing: Here you have the option of inserting your credit card information to automatically settle bills. Palisis will pay the card fees you will not be charged additionally. If you want to look at your bill you can click on the corresponding entry. A window will pop up with a “Statement” Button. If you click on that button, you can open a PDF Invoice for the corresponding period.