How to edit a reservation

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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In order to edit a reservation, click on the “Edit reservation” button in the booking details. This will redirect you to the BoxOffice with an empty basket which allows you to start the reservation from scratch. You will be able to change the number and category of passengers, the route, the operation line, the priceplan and the selected event date.

Only the passenger data and the assigned UID (both in green boxes in the picture) remain the same.




By clicking on “Update reservation” the old one is cancelled and a new one with the same Assigned UID and the original passenger data will be created.


You can also edit a reservation directly in the BoxOffice. The process is the same, except that in this case you need to head to Bookings, open the reservation screen and click on the “Edit reservation” button at the bottom of the page.