How to take payments with the Adyen POS in your BoxOffice

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

Palisis offers customers the possibility to process credit card payments with a portable Adyen device on the Boxoffice, either a Verifone v400 or an S1F2 handheld terminal. You can find more information regarding both devices here:

Once your Palisis Marketpay sub-merchant account is set up and you have acquired the device, you can begin accepting credit card payments through the BoxOffice using the terminal.


What should I do?

On the BoxOffice checkout page, when you select the "Credit Card" payment option, you can then choose the Adyen Device in the "Payment Gateway" selector.

After that, a third dropdown field named Adyen POS will pop up and allow you to choose the correct device by its serial number.


After selecting the device accordingly, it will automatically be stored by the BoxOffice per user and waypoint. This means that when the same user logs in on the same waypoint, the previously selected serial number will be pre-selected. This works as long as the Adyen device has been online for at least 48 hours and the user/waypoint doesn’t change.

Additionally, your partners will also be able to select this payment type, provided that they have been granted permission to take credit card payments in your partner management