How to manage [TourCMS]-Partners in Palisis

Blanca Castillo
Blanca Castillo
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What does it mean?

If you are connected to Travel Agents in TourCMS and your TourCMS account is correctly mapped to your Palisis account, all bookings of this Travel Agent will reach Palisis as a partner booking and you can create your reporting in Palisis.

The [TourCMS]-Partner will be created automatically in Palisis, once the first booking has been made in TourCMS and has arrived in Palisis.



What should I do?

In order to have the correct reporting in Palisis, please do not set up any commissions in TourCMS. Only the final price of the booking will be sent to Palisis, not the details of the commission.

Therefore, you will need to set up the commission scheme directly in Palisis. In order to do so please refer to the article “How to set up “Partner Pricing?”.