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Handout - Palisis






1. Hardware

1.1. Start and Shutdown

To Start the device click the red power button. After 1 minute you will see the main starting screen.

1-1.png 1-1_Start_and_Shutdown.png

To Shutdown the device, from the main starting screen, click on the red power button for 2 seconds. After that, click on “Yes”.

To bring the device to the power saving mode, quickly click on the red power button.

1.2. Battery

To change the battery turn the device, take off the pin pad keypad by pressing both of the black cover buttons and slide out at the same time. Grab the lever of the battery on the upper right side to remove the battery.


1.3. Power Supply /Cradle

As shown in the picture you see the plugin for the 9V power supply on the right side. The device needs to be charged in the cradle. Be careful & use the rail of the cradle to slide the device smoothly on the cradle plugin.


1.4. Charging

The device needs to be charged in the cradle. On the top right side, you will see an orange light if the battery is charging and a green light if the battery is completely charged.




1.5. Paper change

Turn on the device, on the left side of the printer there is a button. Press it down until the covers open. Take the empty roll out and replace it with a new one like shown on the pictures below. After that, close the cover. Make sure you have inserted the roll in the correct direction according to the following image, otherwise the tickets coming out write from the printer.


1.6. Scanner

To use the scanner you can press either on one of the blue buttons on both sides of the devices or on the blue button on the keypad.


1.7. Serial number

You can find the device serial number if you turn on the device and remove the pin pad keypad. You will find there a sticker with a barcode and the serial number.



1.8. Device number

The device number is 5 digit number usually shown in a silver sticker on the left side of the device.


2. Registration

2.1. Login

Click on “Start Ticketing” and after that select the user. You can scroll by using the black arrows at the bottom:


Or in case you have several screens of users, then you can use the keypad to search for the user by pressing the keys corresponding to the user name and then click on orange key. For instance, to search for “John Doe” you should press “5(JKL)”, “6(MNO)”, then “6(MNO)” again and finally the orange key “ABC”.


Next step would be to enter the PIN number using either the touch screen or the keypad and press either the black mark or the “Enter” key to confirm. If you enter a wrong digit, you can delete it either by clicking on the black arrow on the left side or by pressing the backspace key (BKSP).



After that, the device connects to the server and update any changes (new priceplans for instance).

3. Booking

There are 2 possibilities to make bookings:

  • Standard procedure
  • Favorite screen

Let’s start with the standard procedure.

3.1. Standard procedure

3.1.1. Waypoint

Select the waypoint where the user is selling. The waypoint is usually selected one time at the beginning of the shift.


3.1.2. Business Unit

Main Surface "Business Unit“. Select Offer (scroll with the black arrow at the bottom of the screen or the keypad’s arrows).


3.1.3. Operation Line

Select a tour, called "Operation Line". Scroll with the black arrow to change pages (or the keypad’s arrows).



3.1.4. Passenger Category

Select "Passenger Category". Scroll with the black arrow (or keypad’s arrows) to the next page.


3.1.5. Priceplan

Select “Priceplan”. Scroll with the black arrow (or keypad’s arrows) to the next page.


3.1.6. Book ticket

The ticket is displayed below at the left side.


3.2. Favorite screen

This is the other procedure to sell a ticket. To enable the Favorite screen feature you need to click on the gear at the top right side of the screen and then click on “Favorites[No]”. Once it has been enabled, you have the ticket in the cart just with one click.



3.3. Book more than one ticket at the same time

Either if you use the standard or the favorite screen method, for booking more than one ticket at the same time, then you need to click on the number of tickets + “#” + the priceplan itself or the passenger category. For instance, for booking “2 adults one way” in our example:

From Favorite screen:

Press 2, press # (then you will see “2 x” at the bottom of the screen) and then press “One Way - Adult”.


From Standard procedure:

Press 2, press # (then you will see “2 x” at the bottom of the screen), then press “Adult” and finally press “One way”.


3.4. Manual discounts

To apply a manual discount do a long click over the priceplan until you see a color spinner. After that, it will show all the manual discounts. Select the corresponding one.


If you click on the ticket (at the bottom right side), you will see the corresponding manual discount applied. You will also see the discount at the Checkout page.


3.5. Calculated discounts

Calculated discounts are applied automatically according to the trigger set up in the backoffice. For instance, for a group of more than 10 people, a discount group could be applied for the whole booking. In our example, we have booked 11 tickets and a 15% off discount is automatically applied.



3.6. Flyers discounts

Flyers discounts are configured in the backoffice and they could be scanned “X” times to apply a discount for the whole booking. For that, you need to scan the flyer discount (normally a QR code) from the Checkout page. If the flyer discount is valid, then it will show a popup screen with the amount to be deducted and the remaining usages.


3.7. Print ticket

Press on Printer-Sign. If there is no check-out screen printing process starts automatically. If there is a check-out screen, then select the payment method. If it’s credit card, then turn on the device and follow the instructions on the small screen there.



3.8. Delete ticket

It’s only possible before printing the tickets. Click on tickets on the left side, then press the cross as many times as tickets you need to delete or click on “Cancel last” of “Cancel all” depending on your needs at that moment.


After that, you can check that the ticket has been deleted, which means that there is no tickets in the current booking process. To go back to the booking process you just need to click on the white arrow on the top left side of the screen.



4. Payments

4.1.Payment accounts /Currencies

With clicking on the amount you can change the currency.




4.2. Multi Check-out screen

Booking process stays the same until you click on the print button. Then you see the Checkout screen which gives you the following possibilities:

- Choose from different preconfigured payment accounts

- Pay one booking with more than one payment account

- The device can show you the change

Most of the time you will use cash or credit card, that’s why they’re showing up directly.




Click on ‘More’ and you will see all the available payment accounts you have. Click on one of those and the whole amount will be charged in the chosen payment account.



4.3. Combined payments

If you have a customer who wants to make a payment with more than one payment account (Example: Ticket costs 150 NOK, customer has a 50 NOK coupon and pays 100 NOK with cash), then you can enter with the keyboard the desired amount (enter 5000 for 50 Norwegian krone), then click on Coupon. If the remaining amount is paid with one payment account then just click on it.



4.4. Change

A customer pays a ticket for 300.00 kr with a 500 kr banknote. To calculate the change just enter the amount with which he pays (500.00 kr), which is obviously larger than the amount to pay (300.00 kr). So enter 50000 (for 5000.00 kr), click on Cash and it will show you the change.



5. Status screen

Click on the top bar of the screen, where you can see the signal strength, printer, battery level and time and it will show the Status screen where you can see:

  1. Date, User logged in, device number and device serial number.
  2. Waypoint where the user is selling.
  3. Status of connection to the server. You can click here to refresh the state.
  4. Battery level and last successful update.
  5. Selector for booking for next event (pre-booking feature)
  6. Bookings not transmitted to the server which are still stored on the device. The data will be sent to the server as soon as the device retrieves the connection.


Click on the “X” at the top right side of the Status screen to go back to the booking process.

6. Lock screen

Click on the gear and click on “Lock screen”. The user has to enter his PIN number and click on the black mark to unlock the screen.


7. Logout

To logout, just click on the gear on the top right side of the screen and click on “Logout”.


8. Cancelation

  • Step 1

Scan QR code on receipt by pressing one of the blue keys on both sides of the device. Then the device will show a screen with the booking number, the state of the booking, the timestamp and a “Cancel Ticket” button at the bottom.


  • Step 2

Press “Cancel Ticket” and it will show the “Cancelation successful” screen. Receipts of bookings and cancellations have to be passed with the printed cash settlement at the end of the shift.

Cancellation.jpg Booking_canceled.jpg

However, if this message shows up, there is a missing internet connection at the moment. As soon as the device has a connection again it automatically submits the information to the system.


If the customer has paid with credit card, then after clicking on “Cancel Ticket” turn on the device and follow the small screen instructions and the corresponding amount will be refunded to the customer’s card.

9. Manual cancellation

If for some reason it’s not possible to scan the receipt QR then you can manually enter the booking ID and cancel the booking. For that, click on the gear at the top right side of the screen and click on “Enter Barcode”

EnterBarcode.jpgManualBarcode.jpg  ManuallyCancelTicket.jpg


10. Voucher redemption

10.1. Voucher

For scanning vouchers, just press one of the blue buttons on the side. The device will check the validity online and will show a message on the screen accordingly. Then the voucher will be redeemed and the ticket added into the cart after pressing OK. Finally, the ticket will be issued after pressing the printer).

Voucher_Valid.jpg Ticket_added_to_the_cart.jpg


10.2. External voucher

To redeem an external voucher, you need to click on “Voucher” and then either scan the barcode by pressing one of the blue buttons on the side or enter the voucher number manually.



  • Wildcard

After that, the device will show you a list of partners to be selected. After selecting the partner, the device will show if the voucher is or not valid and you need to press “OK” to continue the booking process.

ExternalVoucher_5.jpg External_Voucher_4.jpg


  • Identifiers

After scanning the barcode and checking the validity the ticket will be added to the cart automatically.



11. Pre-bookings

It’s possible to make a pre-booking for a future date. For that, click on the green key of the keypad to enable this functionality and it will appear a small calendar icon on the top bar of the screen. Now you can sell as usual either following the standard procedure or using the Favorite screen. To disable this feature, just click again on the green button.

Please, take into account that all the tickets sold using this functionality will be booked, but not checked in.



12. Checkin

To check in a booking, you just need to scan the ticket barcode and it will be checked in automatically.


If the ticket has already been checked in, then the device will show a “Ticket invalid” message.


13. Partner sales

To sell products for your partners (suppliers), click on “Partner” and then follow the usual booking process to sell your partner’s tickets.



14. Cash Settlement

14.1. Settle

Press on the gear in the upper right corner and then press on Cash Settlement.


14.2. Closing Settlement

Press on “Cash Settlement” and the device will print the cash settlement receipt. You can also click on “Reprint” as many times as you want to print a copy. The user is automatically logged out after clicking on the ‘X.



14.3. View Settlement

There is a function for supervisors to check the status of the current cash settlement without closing it. For that, you need to type the supervisor's code which should have been previously defined (for instance 1234+”#”) and then a “V” button will appear at the top right side of the screen.


Click on there to view the cash settlement preview on the screen and the device will also print a receipt. Please, note that this action will not close the cash settlement.


14.4. Delivery

Deliver the Print out of the Cash Settlement including all Cancellations, Vouchers, Coupons, Credit card to your superior. This cash settlement needs to be closed every day after your shift.


15. Troubleshooting

15.1. No connection

If the connection sign in the upper left corner is red, then you’re working offline. All the data will be saved locally on the machine. As soon as you have a connection again it will submit the data to the system, automatically.



With clicking on the time on top of the screen another status screen shows up. When clicking on the circle with the mark it will try to reconnect the device to the internet. If green, there is an existing connection, if red there is no connection, if orange then it’s checking the connection right now. You will also be able to see how much battery is left, the last update and if there untransmitted data on the device.


15.2. Connect to a WiFi network

Please, contact Palisis support ( in order to be able to close the Palisis Instant Ticketing application. Once you received our answer, you will be able to close the app by clicking on the cross button that appears in the following picture.


After that, you can go to Go to Windows/Settings/Connection/Wireless Manager



  • Select “Menu” and then “Wi-Fi Settings”



  • Select the “Wi-Fi” Tab, choose the correct Wi-Fi SSID and click “Connect”


  • On the next screen, double check correct SSID and click “Next”.



  • Enter the correct (current) password in the “Network:” field and click “Next” (you can open the keyboard by clicking the keyboard button in the bottom bar center)


  • Finish WiFi Setup with “Finish”


  • The WiFi should now have the status “Connected”. Check this in the screen, or by seeing a blue LED light up on the top right of the device.